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Review: Holy Trainer


Posted October 29, 2014 by

This review really has taken a while. Not just a couple of hours. Weeks. Months, even. I bought this device over four months ago and I’m only now putting the finishing touches on to this review. It’s not that it’s a poor product and I’m trying to find the best way to write negatively, like the Exobelt V1, for example. It’s not like chastity device reviews are new to me, either. I’ve just struggled to write this one, even though I love it.

I’m actually locked in it right now, as I type. I’ve been locked on and off in this device since I bought it but it’s been 19 days since my last orgasm and I still feel like I could stay locked in this Holy Trainer indefinitely. Other than for cleaning, of course. But we’ll come to that, later.


Let’s start with the obvious comparisons with the CB-6000, the most popular ‘off the shelf’ chastity device on the market. You only have to look at them both to understand why they are compared so often. They are both approximately the same size, of a similar shape and both not too expensive (under £150). I already raved about the CB-6000 in a previous review. So is this one as good? It’s better. The Cb-6000 is still great and I’d still recommend it as a first chastity purchase if you’re unsure which size ring to buy. For example, for under £100 the CB-6000 comes with five rings but, for just under £150, the Holy Trainer comes with just one. So you really need to have a good idea which size you want, or you need to be prepared to spend a bit more if you want to buy another ring (just under £50).


The Holy Trainer cage comes in two sizes, small and regular. They’re, broadly speaking, the same size as the CB-6000 and 6000s cages. A slightly different shape, granted, but very similar in length & girth. The Holy Trainer is far, far easier to put on, though. The cage has a longer top portion, that borrows it’s ‘under the ring’ design from the DickCage chastity device and a cutaway underneath. It’s the cutaway that makes the most difference. It provides a bigger entrance. It does depend on the size of your (or your partner’s) penis. Average and smaller penises will find the CB-6000 easy, but I find it too much of a tight squeeze to be anything other than awkward.  It’s the reason my first ever chastity device was ‘The Curve‘. This one is easier. It could still be wider. I’m still waiting for someone to make a decent width replacement for the CB-6000, which first hit the shelves way back in 1998. That device had a few niggling issues, as you would expect from the first device of its kind, but it was a great little device. In particular, it was very wide, so it was easy to squeeze a larger than average penis into it and still be comfortable.


But back to the Holy Trainer! The rings are solid, unlike the CB-6000, so they absolutely need putting on first. Without exception. Don’t even begin to think it might be easier to put it on your penis first, then squeeze your testicles through. That’s the whole point in this kind of design. They should not (and will not) be able to do it. Just save yourself a lot of pain and put the ring on first. Once the ring is in place, slide the penis into the tube and then slide the tube underneath the ring. They fit perfectly into one another and, once aligned, you will be able to slide in place the integrated lock.  This can be a little fiddly, as it’s easy for the lock to lock itself whilst the key is still in it, but after a couple of tries, you’ll be fine. If you hold it firmly between your fingers, it’ll be fine. The key needs to be inserted into the lock in order for it to go into the hole, but if you try and slide it in whilst just holding the key, you’ll probably become frustrated. Hold onto the lock itself and you’ll be fine.


Once the lock is in place, give it a firm push and then turn the key. The key will only turn the lock if it’s lined up and in the right place. It should do so fairly easily so if it doesn’t move, you’re not quite lined up. You should be able to push it in firmly and, when it won’t go in any more, you should be in place. Once locked, hand the key over to someone special and you’re set for a lot of fun! Of course, if you’re the one putting it on your partner, be sure to take the key and keep hold of it. Now this brings me to one of my only criticisms of the Holy Trainer: The keys. It’s not uncommon for keyholders to wear their keys upon their person, as a visual stimulus for their partners. It can help to tease them, or just to let them know who’s in control. Wearing a key on a necklace or an anklet is quite common. However, it’s only really feasible if the key is small. As you can see from the photo below, the keys from this particular device are quite long and not really appropriate for wearing.


Once you’re locked in, you should be all good. At least for a good while. As it’s an enclosed device, you will need to remove it for cleaning every so often. I like to do this every few days. At least once a week. The Holy Trainer website states that it’s crafted from biosourced resin and can be in contact with the skin for long periods. This may be the case, but I wouldn’t recommend going too long without removing it. Particularly if you’re a beginner and your penis isn’t used to having something grip it tight 24 hours a day. With open devices you can go longer, as they’re easier to clean. With this however, please play it safe and clean yourself regularly. I’m sure your keyholder will understand. They could always supervise you if you can’t be trusted not to masturbate once it’s off…


I have found the Holy Trainer to be, overall, the most comfortable device I own. There are things I would change, personally. The tube is very small and narrow. I’d much prefer an extra half inch width and an inch or two in extra length. As it is, my penis is extremely squashed inside. But this isn’t much of an issue. The penis can take being squashed. It’s the rings that make all the difference, as anyone who has tried a number of different chastity devices will tell you. These rings, are fantastic.

Until relatively recently, chastity device rings have been all circular. Even now, most of them are so. However, the area the penis and testicles is not. It is wider than it is tall, so flatter rings are a better design. The rings that come with the CB-6000 are flatter, as are a lot of rings from custom chastity devices. Some rings with custom devices are bent, for comfort. The Holy Trainer combines these two concepts and comes with a bent, flatter ring, that’s wider than it is tall. What is also clever is that if you buy a larger ring (as I did, to be on the safe side), the increase in size is mainly an increase in width, as you can see from the image below. This makes the rings the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. Usually, when I first wear a new chastity device, it takes a good few days (maybe a week) to acclimatise to it and to sleep through the night. The CB-6000 surprised me as I slept soundly on the second night. With this one, I slept through on the first night, and have never woken up with a painful night time erection. Of course there are times when I wake up in the morning and it’s a little tight, but never enough to wake me up or cause me pain.


Once you are locked and comfortable, you’ll be pleased that the Holy Trainer can be hidden completely under clothes. Of course, if you’re wearing a see through swimming costume then people will probably notice, but for everything else, it should be fine. The profile is very flat and hardly protrudes at all. I wear mine underneath a business suit every day at work and nobody has ever noticed, so there’s no excuse! Another bonus is that the integrated lock is silent. Even when padlocks are a tight fit, they still sometimes bang against the rest of the device and cause an unwanted clang. There’s no danger of this at all with the Holy Trainer. Padlocks can also protrude a little too, raising the profile of the device and causing it to be slightly visible underneath tight clothing. This is another advantage of an integrated lock. There’s a small bulge, but nothing too big at all.


Other than the design being superb, the finish is also fantastic, as you can see from the photos. I was a little worried again about buying this one. I’ve mentioned this before when reviewing toys or devices from small companies. You’re never quite sure how good their manufacturing processes are or what their quality control is like. I’m happy to say that the Holy Trainer is very well put together, unlike other devices. If you’re a regular reader, you probably remember the disastrous Exobelt V1 I had the misfortune of being sent. The Holy Trainer is very well crafted. It’s smooth, shiny and there are no sharp edges. You’ll be able to see the seams from the photos, but they don’t stick out at all. It really is very well made. The biosourced resin is also very comfortable.  The Holy Trainer website states that it can become ever so slightly supple when it warms to your body temperature, but I’ve never noticed any change in shape at all. But it isn’t too hot and sticky in the summer, which is a real bonus.

If you’re thinking of buying the Holy Trainer as a gift to a loved one, then you’ll be pleased to know the packaging is very good. It’s shaped in the form of a holy book, as you can see below. It’s not extravagant at all, but it is very tasteful and good fun.


Overall I love the Holy Trainer. Other than the oversized keys, I only had one real issue and that has now been fixed. Well, fixed in a way. When I bought my device, I ordered it directly from the manufacturer. At the time, this was the only way to do it. It cost me about £140, I think (I bought a cage and two rings for €163). This included shipping to the UK from their headquarters in Switzerland. This was all fine. I paid for faster delivery and it arrived in 2 days. All was good, until I received a letter from the shipping company for charges that totalled just over £49. The fees were for customs charges and admin charges for paying the customs charges on my behalf. So what was initially going to be a sub £150 purchase became a little under £200.

One of the reasons I didn’t order the Holy Trainer sooner was because it wasn’t available from a UK stockist. I remember speaking to Vikki from UberKinky and she said she’d been in contact with the manufacturer several times but they had refused to deal with them, preferring customers to deal directly with them from all over the world. In the end, I couldn’t wait any longer so just ordered one. But it cost me.

The good news is that UberKinky are now a UK stockist. Vikki sent them a copy of our conversation (including the tweet above) and they changed their minds! So now you can buy a Holy Trainer, in the colour of your choice, and any spare rings you need, from UberKinky. You can pick one up with a single ring for £146.99, which will be delivered for free!

This really is my favourite ‘off the shelf’ chastity device. After I bought mine I was quick to tell people how good they were, but with a warning about additional charges. Now there’s no reason not to buy one. If you’re thinking of experimenting with chastity, do yourself a favour and lock your (or your partner’s) penis in one of these. Why not click here to buy one now?



    Henry Wang

    great review. Do you find it twits at all? Tried a different device without the three prongs like a cb-6000 and the cage twisted all over the place.

      JK Mr TEST

      It does not twist at all,
      The ring and the tube are jpoind with a sliding dovetail, so there is not even the slightest bit of twisting possible.
      There is however, a slight bit of play in the dovetail, that allows the ring to wiggle a little.

      It is indeed the best Cage, I have tried. The only one I can get on, and wear for extended periods.


      It doesn’t twist at all, for me.

      My CB-6000 doesn’t twist if I have a tight enough back ring, but that can be a little uncomfortable at night. The Holy Trainer is the most comfortable off-the-shelf device I own.


    I have bought this device, largely on the strength of this review, to replace a CB6000, and I have to say it is more discreet and much more comfortable than the other. Thanks


      Hey, you’re welcome!

      So good to hear my reviews are coming in useful 🙂


        Well, it’s now been on for nearly two months, apart from a couple of supervised cleaning sessions. Still really comfortable and secure. I wonder now if i will ever be allowed to take it off.


          That’s awesome to hear!

          How long are you usually locked for? Are you aiming for a personal record?


            @ Andy – This is my first experience of chastity and it is not my decision as to how long but it looks like this is going permanent. Which is scary if i think about it, so i try not to!


            Scary, but exciting I’m sure!

            Are you still locked & denied? I’d love to know how you’re doing with it 🙂


    A problem that I’ve had with most chastity devices is that they all seem to irritate the sack. I guess there is too much movement during the day and the ring irritates by sliding up and down. It seems that going up or down a ring size doesn’t make much difference.
    Does the “holy trainer” address the issue in any way?
    Thank you.


      The Holy Trainer is definitely the most comfortable solid off the shelf chastity device I’ve ever tried.

      It depends on what you mean by addressing the issue. In my experience, silicone devices are far grippier than polycarbonate, resin (like the Holy Trainer) or metal. But personally, I prefer the device to move a little so the same patch of skin isn’t always covered by the back ring. However, this always leads to chafing if you don’t use lubricant regularly.

      Personally, I carry a tiny tube of lube with me and keep applying it during the day. It’s not much use if you leave it until you’re already chafed. It’s best to apply it as soon as you put on your device, when your skin is in good condition, and to keep applying several times a day. I’d also recommend keeping your hair trimmed, but not shaven, at least at first.

      If you lube regularly, there’s no reason why you can’t be perfectly comfortable in a Holy Trainer for long, extended periods 🙂


    Great review. Totally agree.

    I wear the HT2 every night and most days. The longest I’ve gone in it is 4 days, including 3 showers – there’s a trick to that.

    I don’t use any lube, which seems to help morning wood.

    What’s he longest you’ve gone in it?


      Yep, definitely the best ‘off the shelf’ device there is.

      Arguably not as comfortable as a silicone device, but they’re a little soft for my taste. Great for beginners but, for anyone serious, you need something firmer like this 🙂


        Andy, now four months in. Still seems comfortable. I was given a 12 hour period unlocked a week ago, which is probably good for the skin, but i felt happy to be locked up again. The only issue is occasionally a testicle slips out.

        I do have to send my Mistress a daily photo of “Genesis’ as it has been named.


          Thanks for the update!

          I know what you mean about feeling happy when locked. It certainly does feel odd to be unlocked when you’re used to a device being there all the time.

          I’ve never had that happen. Have you tried a smaller ring? I found you have to go much smaller than usual, due to the strange shape of the rings. However, as they’re wider than they are tall, they do feel much more comfortable to me.

          Thanks again for the continued updates. I’m so glad you’re having such a good experience 🙂


    Thanks for your review. I also bought an HT2 and started a review a while back. My biggest problem was that when in the shower and lathered up it was really easy to slip out of the back and get it back in again.
    I have a lot if foreskin and the restricted tube size means this gets very squished and uncomfortable. Also the hole at the end is smaller than CB6K so it is more difficult for urination and hygiene. I did give up on it after a while.


      Oh no!

      If I’m honest, I’ve managed to pull out of all my devices. I’ve always maintained that chastity is 99% self discipline, 1% device. That said, I’ve never done it accidentally. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had that problem.

      Foreskins are always a problem with chastity devices, sadly. Trying to find a happy medium is hard. Too small a hole and it can make it awkward like you mentioned. Too big and the foreskin can poke out too much and you can catch it on things. I’ve yet to find one that’s absolutely perfect. I’m also fortunate enough to be able to unlock for cleaning very regularly. I wouldn’t recommend a device this enclosed to anyone that won’t be able to do that.

      Sorry this one hasn’t been for you. It does go to show that there’s no catch all device for everybody.

      What are you currently locked in, if I may ask?

    Tom P

    Great Review. Mine arrived yesterday and I was convinced the Magic Lock did not work but finally figured it out (or just got lucky). Now that I am 24 hours in, I have to say that it is really amazing device. I also ordered anti pullout device called The Guardian from and it makes pull out impossible and pushes the shaft forward to make peeing standing up a breeze in the short version.


      I found the lock was a little counter intuitive, at first. I kept trying to turn the key the wrong way but you get used to it.

      I had a look at The Guardian. The anti-pullout clamp looks effective but too tight for long term wear. I’m hoping they’ll send me one to review though, so I can properly test it out.

      Glad you’re enjoying the Holy Trainer 🙂


    I realize this is an older thread, but I could use some quick help. I got the HT2 and I’m experiencing chafing on my sack behind the ring. The device is very comfortable until the chafing occurs and then it’s murder. I’ve only had the device a few days. I thought the first chafing was a fluke, the second time we were out with family and wife left the keys at home. I was sooo miserable. Lesson learned. But I would appreciate any advice on preventing this from happening. Thanks in advance.



      Hi Jeffrey,

      Lube is your friend, with every chastity device.

      The secret is to put it on immediately and not wait until it starts to chafe. I always apply a little in the morning to that exact area as I know it could chafe if I don’t. In time your skin will toughen slightly but it’s still more comfortable to use lube as it means the ring can move slightly with ease.

      Hope that helps you 🙂


        I was using cb6000 but I have to much room for my penis. That it get hard and didn’t feel irritating or eraction. Is holy trainer v2 small will be best.


          I haven’t seen a small Holy Trainer, nor a CB-6000s so unfortunately I cannot say which would be the tighter fit.

          Have you looked online for measurements?


    The HolyTrainer is clearly the best choice for Long term chastity. Ist much better than the CBseries as the airholes in the CBs allways give Problem to the foreskin when ist pressed through the holes. The HolyTrainer never caused any problems even with very long locked periods. But MASTER is very cautious as he wishes to see ist slave allways locked in chastity when the cock is not needed by MASTER. So MASTER changes between the HolyTrainer and the BON4S to avoid that allways the same skinpart is effected and the skin gets no redparts that may need to Interrupt the lock up. The Holytrainer is really highly to recommend allways slept sound and had never any problem with it. Bad for me luck for MASTER as i never have touched my unlocked cock since over 2 1/2 years except for the weekly cleaning.


      I’m glad you enjoy your Holy Trainer, too!

      I still quite like the CB Series, particularly the 6000, as it’s comfortable, affordable and comes with multiple rings as standard. I definitely prefer my Holy Trainer, with its integrated lock and ergonomic rings, but they’re both good devices.

      Two and a half years? Wow – that’s amazing! No orgasms at all during that time?


    Has anyone else had experience with the CB600 and HT? I’m slightly concerned about the smaller HT tube measurement as CB is a pretty good fit for me. The square edges on the CB drive me crazy though.


      I find the Holy Trainer easier to wear than the CB-6000. The 6000 cage actually feels tighter. In all honesty, I struggle to slide into both cages, but the Holy Trainer is definitely a little easier with it’s slightly more ergonomic shape and the cutaway underside.

      If you can squeeze into a CB-6000 you should have no issues with one of these 🙂


    I was having increasing problems with a testicle slipping out – i do think long term use causes the testicles to shrink. So i have just gone down a ring size and though it was a tighter squeeze getting it on, it does feel safer and more secure and i have had no slippage issues yet.

    The whole thing feels more locked in place and firm.


      Well, it’s good to know you’re now more comfortable and, above all, secure.

      Mine have always been on the large size, so I’ve never had any issues with slipping out of any device, even some of the silicone devices with bendy rings. I’m glad a smaller ring has helped you, though.

      As for shrinkage, that may well be the case. Testicles shrink (hypogonadism) if testosterone is no longer needed, the most obvious example of this is when taking anabolic steroids. The artificial testosterone provided by the steroids is usually more than enough for the body so actual testosterone production stops until it’s needed again. There may be a case where something similar happens if semen isn’t needed as much, as may be the case when orgasms are limited for a significantly long time.

      I’d be keen to hear if anyone else has experienced anything like this.


    I’ve been practicing chastity for almost 10 years and I’ve tried countless devices. I currently wear the HT large tube 24/7 except for weekly cleanings, and trimming of the lawn. I even have an $1800 belt from my-steel in Germany. The HT is by far the most comfy device I’ve ever worn. I use a 40mm ring which is virtually perfect for me and pulling out of the back would not only be tough, but next to impossible to get back into if I did. It’s easier and more logical to not even try to pull out. I’ve ordered the guardian anti pullout device to try as well. I’m simply curious. The HT fits so well on me, trying to pull out would not only be painful but I honestly doubt I could get my penis back through the ring and into the tube. I lube the bottom of the ring and sack every morning and night before bed to make things even more comfortable. I’ve heard a lot about the ugly key, however my girlfriend likes it because its more industrial and serious looking than others. That’s the only questionable thing about it in my opinion. With many other devices I was able to get off by wiggling the device for awhile. This one, no way. I can assure you, the HT renders your dick basically obsolete. I can’t feel a thing, and I often forget I’m wearing a dick-vice. I’ve been wearing it for so long, I’d rather be in it than not. I feel terribly vulnerable and “naked” without it. I’d highly recommend this device to anyone, and also recommend the time it takes to get the fit just right. You’ll thank me later.


      I’m so glad you’re enjoying your Holy Trainer, too!

      I’m locked in mine right now (just over two weeks so far). It’s, by far, the most comfortable ‘off the shelf’ device I’ve ever bought.


    So my GF and I recently started experimenting with chastity play and went with the HT2 with a 45mm ring. Tube fits great but size question about the ring if anyone can help? It is causing me a little pain and aching on my right side upper testicle, but I’m not sure if the issue is that it’s too tight or too loose. It seems to slide down especially when I get hard so I wonder if a small ring would stay closer to my body and not put so much pressure on my testicles when sliding down. I definitely can’t pop out though and a larger ring would seemingly take the pressure off, but I have no idea…thanks for any help you can give


      Ring size can often be awkward.

      If you ever experience pain, with any type of chastity device or sex toy (unless intentional), I’d stop and take a break.

      Larger rings are always more comfortable, but they come with a security price. They all tend to be pulled downwards when your penis tries to become erect, but smaller rings can just make it worse.

      If you’re going to switch rings, then the larger one probably makes sense. Hwever, there’s quite a difference between ring sizes for the Holy Trainer, so it may end up being too large for you.


    I have been wearing the HT2 small for over a month. I love it dearly. I am convinced that my dick has already shrunk significantly since I started. I might purchase a Guardian to help me not slip out. What I would really like is a smaller tube. Has anyone found a smaller one? Or found a way to reduce an existing one?


    I buy on eBay or from China , stainless cages are 20 USD, the first Holy Trainers are 16 USD with electrodes and a padlock.
    Alisha and DHgate are China direct, used them for years, no problem


      eBay can be ok for trying out cheap devices and working out which size ring you need, etc. But I’d avoid cheap knock offs. Too risky.


    HT2 sounds fantastic, can anyone advise – I have a BON silicone cage and sadly I find I can still orgasm with it on – is HT2 more likely to stop me?


    Might need to give this a go. Chastity newb with a cb6000s struggling with night wear currently. The device is comfortable generally but erections cause a lot of strain. fine in the day but less so at night in my experience. How did you get used to sleeping with chastity devices, did you just get used to the sensations or do you think night erections get less strong with use? Would love to be able to wear on prolonged basis.


      The Holy Trainer is bigger than the CB-6000s, so you may have a little extra room.

      I found the Holy Trainer to be easier to sleep in, although my CB-6000 was pretty comfortable, too. It normally takes me a week or two to acclimatise to a new device. There’ll always be times when you wake up due to your body trying to make you hard, but they become less frequent, over time. At least in my experience.


    So I finally bought one of these from uberkinky, and it came in a little zip up case and not the card book style box. Any idea when they changed this because its worrying like the ebay clones.


    I have just gone down another ring size to a 36mm, which feels tighter again. I was getting the reoccurence of one or other tesicle slipping out and i can only assume that the long term effect of chastity (and limited orgasms) is testicle shrinkage.

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