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Review: Exobelt V1 for UberKinky


Posted February 12, 2014 by

I’d like to start this review by mentioning that it’s in aid of Male Chastity Day, which is on February 15th, the day after St. Valentine’s Day.  It’s a promotion run by UberKinky (and I think possibly a few other places too) to encourage beginners & more experienced players alike to embrace chastity for either the first time or to rekindle it from the past. It’s a day to raise awareness for chastity in general, whether it’s for short term play or long term orgasm denial. They sent me this new Exobelt V1 in exchange for an honest review to coincide with their promotion.

Personally, as you know, I’m always keen on chastity so it’s good to have another excuse to lock myself up and hand the key to my other half for safe keeping. Except I won’t be locking myself in this particular device, sadly…


I was keen to try one of these out.  I remember stumbling across Exobelts years ago on the internet.  At the time their X1 was their main device and I’d heard good things.  I’d actually heard that it was the most comfortable device someone had tried.  They were different from most devices as they enclosed the testicles as well as the penis, which apparently was quite comfortable.  Later on, they released this model, the V1, which has been out for a few years now.


I knew Exobelt were a small outfit.  It was obvious that their devices were not mass produced and were hand crafted. But the fact that they’d been around for probably ten years or so now suggested that this device would have been a good one.  After all, it’s not easy for any business to survive without producing good quality goods or services.  Unfortunately, this device does not fall into that category, much to my dismay.


To start off with, it’s not crafted to a high standard.  As you can see from the photographs, it’s very rough & ready. I didn’t expect it to be as smooth or as immaculate as a CB-6000 or other mass produced device, but I did expect it to be finished to a higher standard than I received.


For a start, the plastic is uneven and the black seal around the base (I think it’s crafted from High Density Polyethylene, but the website isn’t specific) is very rough around the edges.  The main compartment isn’t very smooth either, with lots of tiny bubbles and imperfections everywhere.

ExobeltV1-6It also does not fit together well.  The first device of this kind, the original CB-2000, wasn’t perfect and the parts didn’t fit together as snugly as the CB-6000 (which fits together perfectly), but it didn’t rattle as much as this one.  There are a number of spacers which help to gain the best fit, but sadly they’re not quite tight enough to stop them moving around.


All this would have been, not perfect, but manageable, were it not for two issues.  The first issue may not apply to you, but the second probably will.  The first is that, well, I couldn’t fit in it.  It wasn’t the size of the internal tube that was an issue this time, but the compartment doesn’t contain enough space for my testicles to fit inside.  Now mine might be slightly bigger than average (I’m not sure what the average size is, to be honest), but I don’t think they’re freakishly big.  Wondering if it was just me, I tried to put the device on my stunt cock (see the last photo in this post) and couldn’t fit those in, either.  The stunt cock in question is also the very smallest in a range of Mr Limpy packing cocks, so not a huge toy at all (far from it).

ExobeltV1-8So, not being able to fit into it was a deal breaking issue for me. I couldn’t wear it properly as it was just too small.  If you’re smaller than I am though, then that might not be an issue for you. Certainly the Exobelt website has images or people wearing them so they must fit some. Unfortunately, the next issue will probably be an issue for everybody.

As you can see from the previous photos, the finish on the main cage portion is bumpy and a little sharp.  Bumpy, although annoying, isn’t a deal breaker. Sharp however, is.  And there’s no excuse, either.  I could spend 5 minutes with some 120 grit sandpaper and smooth them all out, but if I’ve forked out over £100 for a device (or indeed any amount, really), I shouldn’t have to.  Certainly, it doesn’t look like they have any kind of quality control before sending these out.  To qualify that, it was wrapped up by Exobelt and not opened by UberKinky, who couldn’t have known what the finish was like when they sent it to me.

It’s where the rough, sharp edges are that’s the issue, too. They’re right where your penis slots in and around the hole you urinate out of. Now I know chastity devices are often used for BDSM, but I’m not one to put my penis into something that may cut it accidentally.  I dread to think how painful it would be to accidentally snag the end of the penis or foreskin on the sharp edges of the urination hole.

ExobeltV1-10So sadly, what I was hoping would be a glowing review of a lesser known chastity device is actually more of a warning, not to buy one of these unless you are absolutely sure. If you read my review of the new Pulse “guybrator” recently, you’ll know I’m sometimes a little hesitant about reviewing for little known companies. Smaller outfits often rely on glowing reviews to sell their products and if I trash one of their range, I might be doing them proportionally more harm than a larger, more popular manufacturer.  With Exobelt, I thought I was safe though. I didn’t think I’d need to write a negative review as they wouldn’t have lasted long if they weren’t any good. Apparently I was wrong.

So, a shame as it is, I have to recommend you think very carefully before buying this device.  I still hope that one day I’ll be able to try out an Exobelt X1, as I have genuinely heard only good things about them, but the V1 is one to steer clear of, certainly at the price of £129.99, which is a full £40 more expensive than the industry standard CB-6000.  Unless you specifically want a device that encloses the testicles, and you know they’ll fit in this one, I’d recommend the CB-6000 to you.  The CB-6000 is exquisitely crafted, extremely comfortable and a lot cheaper. You can pick up a CB-6000 from UberKinky by clicking here.

ExobeltV1-2I know it seems odd ending a review with a link to another device but you’ll be glad you bought the CB-6000 instead, I’m sure of it.  Not that the CB-6000 is the only good device UberKinky sell.  UberKinky have been my favourite chastity device store for years.  I remember when they had a sister store called Chastity Play, which was dedicated entirely to the fetish.  These days Chastity Play is part of UberKinky, but the range has increased massively and they have the widest selection of chastity devices in the UK (I believe).

UberKinky also have a number of guides to different fetishes, including they’re Beginners’ Guide To Chastity, which is worth a read if you’re thinking about buying your first device.

So thank you so much UberKinky for sending me this device to try out, even though it wasn’t all I hoped for! Everyone else, if you’re thinking about buying a chastity device, do yourself a favour and click the banner below to see UberKinky’s entire range. Don’t just look at this one!

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    My experience was similar. I picked this up sight unseen, and found it rather clunky, not particularly secure or well made compared to others.

    It’s sat in a drawer for years, unworn.


      It’s such a shame!

      I’d really hoped that a small independent company would make extra effort to ensure high standards in manufacturing, but sadly not. It’s a bad design, poorly crafted.

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