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Posted December 27, 2013 by

Regular readers of this blog will know I’m a bit of a chastity fiend.  I know that sounds a bit paradoxical, a sex toy reviewer who wants to limit their orgasms, but trust me, it’s a lot of fun!  I like to think of chastity play and orgasm control as extended foreplay.  Foreplay that can last days, weeks, months…

Which brings me to this particular device. The last chastity device I reviewed was, and only was, a short term toy.  Now lots of people use chastity devices for short term play.  They’re often used for a session at a time, maybe for a few hours at weekends as an additional tease or to enhance other sexual play when they’re taken off.  Most devices can be used for both short and long term play. My last was definitely short term only, however. So it’s great to be able to review one that can be used for either but is fantastic for long term play. I present to you, the Chrome Look CB-6000.

Those of you who’ve been readers for some time will also know that this isn’t my first device from the CB-X range.  In fact, my first ever chastity device was The Curve from that exact range.  Now the CB-X range came onto the scene in 1998 in the form of the CB-2000. I say the “range”, but in effect it was just that device at the time. When I say “came onto the scene”, I should really say “created the scene” too, as before the CB-2000 hit the shelves, this style of chastity device didn’t exist at all. All devices up until this point were actual chastity belts, as opposed to this ‘testicle trapper’ style device.  The CB-2000 soon became the budget chastity device of choice and A.L. Enterprises soon released a couple more designs, the CB-3000 (a different cage design) and The Curve (designed for larger penises).  The CB-3000 became reasonable popular, but there were a few issues that prevented it from being top notch.  The cage wasn’t the most anatomical design and it was quite weak with numerous reports of it breaking or splitting. So in stepped the CB-6000 to fix the issues with the 3000 and more.


Now, although I’d heard that the 6000 was a lot better than other devices in the range (I own the CB-2000 as well as The Curve, myself), I was sceptical that it would be as good as it is. Wearing this particular device was a nice surprise, to say the least. Now I must say that, although I’ve stated that this is a device that can be worn long term, because of the nature of the enclosed cage portion, it does need to be removed regularly for cleaning.  If you want a device that can be worn for weeks at a time without removing at all, for example if you have a long distance or online keyholder, then a more open device would be more appropriate.  However, if you live with (or close to) your keyholder, and you can arrange to take it off every few days for a good clean (of both device and genitals), before replacing it back on, then this device should be on your list to check out.


So, on to the review itself. The CB-6000 is a polycarbonate device that comes in a number of finishes.  The original and standard edition is transparent, like most others in the CB-X range. The one I’ve been sent is one of the special editions. Mine is a chrome look finish and there are also camouflage and wood look finishes available, as well.  Like all CB-X devices, it comes with a bunch of different parts too, so you can have as close to a custom fit as you can, without actually commissioning a completely custom made device yourself.  There are 5 different size rings and 4 different size central poles, as well as a single cage, some lube and a few tamper proof plastic locks all housed in a nice carrying pouch.


Now, this is where things start to improve from the previous designs.  To start with, the rings are a of a new design. There are two top parts (one with 2 poles attached) that fit onto each of the 5 main ring parts.  This is a better design than the previous two types of rings (hinged and completely solid).  The solid rings were the easiest to clean, but the hinged rings were easiest to fit.  With this design, they’re easy to fit and they’re not too hard to clean, either.  They are also a slightly different shape.  The main rings are circular, but the top part is split into two and is flatter.  This means that each of the rings is slightly smaller than its counterpart in the previous devices, but it’s a much better fit.  Anatomically, a completely circular ring isn’t the most comfortable as the ring around the penis & testicles isn’t circular itself.  It’s more of an oval.  The flatter rings on the CB-6000 are much better in this regard. With the old rings, I found the largest the most comfortable, but it was a little too loose. I needed the ring wide, but not tall. So I used to use a smaller ring for security, but it wasn’t quite as comfortable. Now I use a bigger ring and it’s fine.


Another upgrade with the 6000 is the central pole design.  There are 4 poles, each with its own spacer.  They’re a much tighter fit this time so they don’t slip and they’re also oval, not round like before, so they don’t even spin around.  No movement means no noise, and no moving parts to trap hair, skin etc..  It’s easy to put on, as well.  Simply start with the open ring around your (or your partner’s) genitals and, once they’re all inside, lock the ring in place with the first of the two top portions (with the built in poles).  Once locked in place, place the second top part over the top.


Once that’s in place (be careful not to trap any skin or hair) you can slide in one of the central poles.  The length you choose will depend on how far from the ring you want the cage.  I prefer to keep it close, but it’s personal preference, really.


Once the central pole is in place, you can place on the cage portion.  Now the CB-6000 cage may look like it’s identical to the cage from the CB-3000, but there are a few changes here as well.  The tube part of the cage, although about the same width (it’s a tiny bit narrower), is flatter than the cage in the CB-3000, which again is more anatomically correct, but there’s definitely less space for a penis.  The air holes have also changed.   The CB-3000 had some air holes on top and some where the head of the penis resided.  This new device has air holes on the sides and nowhere else (other than the hole you use to urinate).  The CB-6000 is a quarter of an inch longer than the 3000 but the head portion, although more pronounced and without additional air holes, looks about the same size.


Now, slipping on the cage is the hardest part of putting on the device…by a country mile.  Personally, the cage on the CB-6000 is a bit too small.  Even the cage on The Curve was a bit too tight for me, so trying to squeeze in this one was a real task. I must state that the cage part of any chastity device is the least important, with regards to size.  If you have a cage that is a bit tight, it won’t do you any damage.  It also won’t encourage erections (which you really don’t want when in a chastity device), unlike a ring that’s too tight.  So, in spite of the cage not being the perfect size for my penis, I can still wear it comfortably.


Now the easiest way I’ve found to put the cage on is to do it in the shower.  I use a little shower gel as lube and spend a few minutes trying to squeeze it in.  Once it’s in enough to attach to the three poles, I do so (then attach the lock and click it shut) and then try to move things into a comfortable position with cotton buds through the holes in the side and through the urination hole at the front.  It did take me a while, but I’m bigger than average and this device is designed for an average size penis.


Once the device is on, everything is great!  This is where it really began to impress me.  It’s the most comfortable hard device I’ve ever worn.  Usually it takes me a few days to a week to become acclimatised to a device.  On the second night I wore this, I slept all the way through.  For those who’ve worn chastity devices through the night before, you’ll know that this is no mean feat.  Usually it takes a good few nights for this to occur, if ever.  The only device that’s as comfortable, that I’ve worn, is the Bon4 Large, which isn’t a fair comparison as it’s made from silicone so far less secure.

It’s also very discreet underneath clothes.  The padlock that comes with it is a perfect fit through the central pole.  It doesn’t move around or bang against the cage.  It stays put.  It also fits perfectly behind the head portion of the cage and is flat against it, unlike a lot of devices.


When wearing it, I did notice a couple of things.  Firstly, psychologically it’s different from any other device I own.  It’s the only one I own that completely obscures my penis.  All the others I have are either see through or are metal, but show quite a bit of the penis itself.  This one is quite different to wear.  As it hides everything, I can no longer see my penis. At all.  It also looks very different from my penis so, instead of seeing something of a similar size & shape, I look down and see something very small.  This may seem like a small thing, but it felt quite strange and took me a week or so to become used to.  I didn’t realise but I had become used to seeing my penis.  Even when I was locked with my other half holding the key, I could always still see my penis.  Sure, I couldn’t masturbate or even give myself an erection, but I could still see it.  With this, it was different.  It was neither good, nor bad.  It was just different.  It’s also something you should take into account when choosing a device for yourself or a partner.

So, to end this lengthy review I firstly want to thank you for sticking with it.  I know it’s a long one, with plenty of text to read and take in, so thank you.  It can’t have been easy.  I’d also like to thank Ass Code for sending this to me in exchange for this review.  I’ve spoken to many, many sex toy stores over the past few years but none of them have been willing to send me one of these, until now.  I’d secondly like to summarise the CB-6000.  It’s a great device.  It’s great for beginners as it has such a wide variety of rings and spacers.  It’s also very comfortable.  It’s the most comfortable solid device I own (and I own 12 chastity devices, 10 are solid).  If you’re looking for a device for you (or a partner) to wear for weeks on end without removing it then it might not be for you.  But for every other scenario, it’s great.  It’s also my other half’s favourite device so far.  She doesn’t like a lot of them but she says this one looks like a bullet.  Which, for me, is the most important thing.  If she’s happy then I’m happy.

If you’d like to buy one of these, you can find them at Ass Code by clicking here or on the banner below.  They’re £100 with free UK delivery.  Enjoy!

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