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Review: Bon4 Plus Chastity Device


Posted August 31, 2011 by

After wearing my Curve on and off for about a year or so, I was beginning to think there wouldn’t be any more ‘off the shelf’ chastity devices for anyone with a longer than average penis.  The Curve is the longest in the CB-x000 range but it it’s pretty old now and all their smaller models have been updated significantly.  In recent times, there have been a couple of companies producing silicone devices.  First came the Birdlocked device and after that, the Bon4.  There are many different Birdlocked styles, from ‘glow in the dark’ to spiky, but they are all very small.  The Bon4 device when released was larger, but still not long enough for me to consider trying out.  Fortunately, earlier this year, Bon4 released their device and it now comes in two different sizes: Regular and Large.  Finally a silicone device had been released I could try out!  I’d been wanting to try something new for ages and wanted silicone in particular as I’d heard great things about how comfortable it was.  Now was my chance.

As soon as I heard about the new larger Bon4, I contacted ChastityPlay*, who were also eagerly anticipating their release.  I was promised that I’d be notified as soon as they came in stock and sure enough, Vikki emailed me as soon as they were in.  The first batch they received were of the Bon4 plus device.  Bon4 have three packages: Regular, Large and Plus.  The regular is the same size cage as the original, the large is the bigger device and the plus contains both.  Not wanting to wait any longer, I ordered the Plus.  I knew the smaller cage portion wouldn’t fit but it was only an extra £25 and Vikki wasn’t sure when the Large Bon4 would arrive on its own.


The device arrived promptly and I tried it out immediately.  It comes with 4 rings (each with it’s own tie & pin), 10 plastic tamper proof disposable locks, 2 padlocks (each with 2 keys) and 2 cages (one of each size).  Click here to see a comparison and detailed sizes from Bon4 themselves and see below the contents of the entire package next to the cute soft pouch it comes packaged in and below that for a few important measurements.

Briefly, here are a few measurements:

Dimensions for BON4 regular:

* Overall Assembled Length: 88 mm
* Internal Cage Length: 65 mm
* Cage Opening Diameter: 32 mm

Dimensions for BON4 large:

* Overall Assembled Length: 110 mm
* Internal Cage Length: 88 mm
* Cage Opening Diameter: 35 mm

Internal diameter of rings (compatible with both cages): 40mm, 44mm, 48mm and 52mm

The Bon4 is like a cross between a Birdlocked (one piece) device and a CB-6000.  The rings are separate to the cage (like the CB-6000) but because silicone is so movable the end of the cage attaches to the lower part of the ring with a strap.  It’s part of the cage and attaches to the ring via a thin plastic strap that fastens around the entire ring.  The ring itself has three cutout portions where the cage attaches.  One for the strap mentioned above and two for the top part of the cage (similar to most chastity devices).  Once everything is lined up, the plastic strap is threaded through each of the holes.  There are five in total, two on each ring and three on the cage.  Once this is done, a small plastic post or pin is placed through the strap to which the lock attaches to.  This all sounds a bit fiddly and it might take you a couple of minutes the first time you attach it but it’s very easy with practice.  It also looks good!  It’s visually nicer to look at than my previous Curve device, in my opinion.


After experimenting a little, I found my desired combination and put the device on.  Instantly I could tell how different it felt from my previous polycarbonate device.  It was lighter, grippier, and much more comfortable.

Silicone, as I’m sure you are aware, can be soft and pliable.  This is how it is with the Bon4.  It’s not hard like Lelo silicone, it’s much more flexible, like a toy from Fun Factory.  Because of this, it is much more comfortable.  The rings, for example, are able to flatten out a little so that they are an oval shape.  This means that if your penis grows in the middle of the night then the sides can expand a little.  They don’t stretch but they can change shape accordingly.  The cage can also flatten out, too, or change shape slightly if it needs to.  There are also subtle differences from other devices.  The rings are much wider than any other device I’ve seen (the rings themselves, not the holes). This gives the device a lot more grip and it is much less likely to move than other devices.  This decreases the chance of chafing but can increase the chance of ingrown hairs.  To avoid this, you can apply a tiny amount of lube.  Personally, I always do this  in the mornings as I prefer a little movement.  Be sure to use water based lube only though, as others can harm the silicone.

Unlike my Curve, as soon as I put this device on, I kept it on for a few days.  I didn’t need to work up to it in stages.  This was all due to the flexible silicone.  I remember waking up the night after I first put it on amazed that I had slept through the entire time without waking up.  Usually I wake up at least once for the first few days with a new device as my body becomes used to it.  This one was different, though.  I felt great in the morning and not in any pain or discomfort.

Like most things though, there is a flipside to such a comfortable device.  It’s not, and doesn’t feel, as locked down as a device made from a sturdier material.  There is a lot of give in the silicone which means my penis can feel a lot more through the device.  I can feel touching through the cage and it can be squashed & squeezed.  I don’t feel as caged or as denied as I do wearing another device.  You can’t really have both, though.  It’s like driving a Rolls Royce vs driving a McLaren F1.  The Rolls Royce will be far more comfortable and have a smooth ride with its soft suspension but it won’t handle like a McLaren F1 with its stiff setup.  Choosing a chastity device is similar.  You can have the soft, comfortable feel of silicone but it won’t be, or feel, as restrictive as another material, for example: steel.


As with most chastity devices, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it for much longer than a few days without removing it to clean the device and to clean yourself.  You can perform a limited clean in the shower, but with devices that are as enclosed as the Bon4 then there really is no other option than to remove it every so often for a complete clean.  Once locked in you’ll only really have access to your penis from the rear of the device or through three small holes at the tip.  There are no larger holes or slits like in other devices so you will be more enclosed than most.  If you want reduced access to your (or your loved one’s) penis then this is great, but it does mean that keeping clean is very important.

Because it is made of such a pliable material, though, cleaning is a breeze.  You can manipulate the silicone to make it easy to reach the end of the device, which can be awkward with a stiffer material.  I usually take mine off in the shower (when I’ve been given the key!) then wash the device and myself with hot soapy water.  Like all silicone products though, you can boil it if you like for a few minutes or clean in your usual manner.


This is a well made chastity device that is affordable, looks good and is comfortable to wear.  If you’re looking for maximum security then this might not be for you, but what I will say is that this is probably the best device for a beginner currently available.  If you’re interested in chastity and want something to start out with, then this is absolutely perfect.  It does all the things a chastity device should; it prevents the wearer from becoming erect, it can’t be removed once locked on and it can be worn for long periods.  I love wearing mine.



*I’m not affiliated with ChastityPlay.  I just like them.




    This was a fascinating read. Not knowing much about chastity devices, I still read the whole thing. Is there anything I can read about why you like them and your personal experiences?
    Beau X


      Hey! Thank you so much for your comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it.

      I don’t have any posts as yet about my personal experiences. The closest thing I have is my first chastity review, which is here:

      I really should write a general post about it, though, as there seems to be a lot of interest. Will keep you posted, my dear 🙂


    Great review! Thank you for posting it. For me the Bon4 (the old one) was very comfortable at first, possibly one of the most comfortable I’ve tried, but then over time the material started to rub me wrong. I switched back to the CB series. I’ll have to give the plus a try. I really need to try something in stainless steel as well, perhaps one of those spiral ones. I’ve heard great things about them.

    It’s interesting that you mentioned Mistress Cara. Of all the mistresses out there I was just reading her blog. I was trying to find out how chastity-aware she was and from the blog I didn’t see a ton of entries about the topic. Maybe I need to do more research.


      Mistress Cara is very much a chastity fan!

      The rubbing can be an issue as the rings are very wide and the silicone is very grippy. I always apply a little water based lube every few hours to stop it chafing, which works for me.

      I also have a spiral device. It’s fantastic! Heavier, obviously, but it feels completely different from silicone or polycarbonate, in a good way. So much more secure. There’s no way you could break it without tools!


    Hi, I ordered the new BON4PLUS (a pack of 2 cages in two sizes, with for ring), I am very happy with it. It is light, comfortable. About security I didn’t even try to escape as me and my GF work with confidence. We prefer do like this instead wearing a metallic cage, which is heavy, and less comfortable, and probably not more secure with shampoo?.

    What I can say for those who would like to try it : I have a “medium” penis and I was very surprised it can enter in the “small” BON4 ! But I also sometime use the “large” one, depending of my wife’s humor.

    Also, when I ordered I found a coupon/promo code because they just opened their Facebook, so I got 2 cages for the price of one, that’s nice.


      That sounds like a great offer!

      Glad you’re enjoying the cage. It isn’t the most secure, as you could obviously cut it quite easily, but then you can cut any device if you have strong enough tools.

      Working with the honour method using trust is always the way to go, in my opinion, whether you use a device or not.

      Glad you’re having so much fun!


    Great review! I’m going to have to find me a plaything who wants to be locked and try this out. 😀



      It’s great fun for all involved. And looking at Twitter, there are a whole bunch of guys out there who desperately want to find keyholders so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding someone.

      Best of luck!


    What a great review ! I chanced upon the Bon4 via a Flickr pic, having read your comments, now really want one. I have a Curve, but find it a bit awkward getting it on, and it does tend to rub a lot. Are there PoI available for the Bon4 ?





      Hey Jeni,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I have a Curve as well. I like that device as well, but the Bon4 is a lot more comfortable and easier to wear for long periods.

      Sadly, as far as I know, the are no ‘Points of Intrigue’ for the Bon4, but you never know, they may adapt it one day.

      The silicone is definitely gripper than the polycarbonate that’s used for the Curve, however, so if you have a tight fitting ring, you’re less likely to be able to escape. Tight fitting rings are also more comfortable with the Bon4 as the rings shape themselves to your natural contours.

      Please let me know what you think if you buy one!


    I’m wondering if urinating is difficult with the Bon4. It looks to me as though the hole in the tip is rather small, and I can imagine peeing in it might be messy. What was your experience?


      Hi Gary,

      Thanks for reading.

      It is a little more awkward than other devices, but not terrible.

      Devices that have more or larger holes at the end are definitely easier. My Curve is so and my steel Spiral, even easier. The trick with one of these, however, is to slow down a little.

      It’s also very important to buy the right size cage. I’m right at the end of mine, which helps. If the cage is too big, I imagine it would make it more awkward. If you are at the end, it is easier to line up with the holes.

      As with any more enclosed device, regular cleaning is also a must. With open cages you can clean well in the shower but with devices like this there is no substitute to being allowed out regularly to clean both yourself and the cage.

      Hope that helps!



    This is a wonderful review and a great blog overall. I just bought the bon4 plus for my boys, having read this.

    You have a great eye for your photos — it’s very rare for personal blogs that tend to be amateurish.

    Also, you’re a great model — you have a great body. Thanks for what you’re doing.

    My only disappointment is that you aren’t modelling the bon-4 yourself in the photos. You aren’t showing your face, so you should let us see it on you.


      Hi Chirenon,

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

      My photos are certainly improving. I have a much better eye for shots and also a better camera now than when I took the photos for this review.

      I’m glad you liked the review, too. I hope your boys enjoy the Bon4 as much as I do. It’s certainly still the most comfortable device I’ve worn and I have 8 different types, now.

      By the way, I’m a little nervous about modelling chastity devices! Maybe one day I will. At the moment I’m still using my ‘stunt cock’!



    Hi Andy,

    What a brilliant resource you’ve presented here; thank you!

    After sifing through many reviews I’m still stumped in my quest for my first device and I wonder whether I might get some pointers from you.

    I’m looking for something with a diameter of at least 3.5cm, yet with am insertable length of around 6.5 to 7.0cm. This seems like an unusual combination and at this stage I’m not wanting to pay more than, say, £100 to £150, which obviously rules out the custom models.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me and keep up the great work!


      Hi Steve,

      I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. Your comment was stuck in my queue.

      That’s not an unusual combination at all. If you’re happy to try a silicone device then this is a good option for you as it comes with two cages & four rings. It’s also just over £100 from UberKinky at the moment, so it’s within your price bracket:

      Please let me know how you get on!


    Andy, Thanks for your wonderful site. I find your reviews very useful, well written and beautifully illustrated. We have many of the same fetishes.

    One thing I wanted to hear on this device was how your balls felt in this device. Did the splitter cause any problems? What happens when you sac tightens up?

    I have a tight sac and cannot wear many devices. It all started when I wore the curve for a weekend and it rubbed a sore on the underside of my sac. Since then I have been tight.

    Keep up the good work.


      Hey – thank you so much!

      The splitter does take a little getting used to, as it pulls everything up high, even if it isn’t naturally that way, normally.

      I had no problems, but if chafing is an issue for you then I’d suggest regularly applying lube, especially with any silicone cage, like this one.

      Silicone is very grippy and I’ve found all my silicone devices chafe more than all the others. It’s perfectly avoidable, though. You just need to remember to apply lube 🙂

    Penelope Q

    Thank you for this review. I really appreciate it.

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