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Review: Birdcage Chastity Device


Posted October 9, 2013 by

I know, I know… It’s been ages since I reviewed a chastity device! I’ve been meaning to write more on chastity for a while now, but reviews of this sort require a lot more research, testing and time spent than any other type of sex toy review.  So, while it may have been some time since my last chastity review, I hope this one is worth the wait.

So, may I present to you “The Birdcage” chastity device, from Nice ‘n’ Naughty, a UK online sex toy store.  I’d like to point out that I bought this device myself as I wanted it. It wasn’t given to me by them and I have no previous relationship with them, either.  I know it’s often assumed that toy reviewers receive everything for free, but lots of us actually buy lots of toys ourselves. I know I do! So here it is, the Birdcage, a chrome plated chastity device on the larger size for the bargain price of £24.99.


So what makes this device different from the rest?  Well firstly, it’s a big one. At least where the cage part is concerned.  It’s a little difficult to measure, but the cage portion is about 4.5″ long and about 1.3″ wide (115mm by 35mm).  It’s by far the biggest device I own.  It does only have a single ring but, fortunately for me, it’s about the right size at about 1.8″ (48mm). And that’s the reason I bought it. Now, as I’ve mentioned before, the ring is the important measurement when it comes to buying the right device.  For example, if you need to squeeze into a smaller cage than desired, you won’t be in any pain or discomfort.  Buy  the wrong size ring however, and it could potentially either fall off or, worse still, do you some damage.  This is why I’ve been able to review a variety of different size cages, even though they’ve all been a tight squeeze.  This one though, is great!  Not only does the ring fit, but the cage does as well.

Below is a shot of my stunt cock kindly modelling the Birdcage.


Compare that to my Spiral device below, with the same stunt cock, and you can see how much bigger the cage portion is.


Secondly, this device is extremely cheap.  Most budget chastity devices are still twice the price.  This one is a quarter of the price of a CB-6000 or Curve, half the price of most other chrome plated designs and probably an eighth of the price of the cheapest custom design.  So if you’re thinking of dabbling in a bit of chastity play but don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds, this could be worth a punt.

So what’s it like to use?  Well, for a start, it’s very easy to put on.  The steel, one piece, ring is like any other, but the cage is easier than most.  This is because of the way the bars go lengthways down the shaft.  Let me write a little bit about how to put it on, in case this is your first chastity review.  Firstly, always start with the ring. Wait until you are completely flaccid and relaxed, then slip both testicles, one at a time, through the ring.  Once this is done, carefully slip the penis through as well.  You can then move the ring back until it’s against the base of your crotch and comfortable.  Do not worry if, at this point, you’re hard again.  This is extremely common and happens to me most times I put one on (or have one put on me).  Chastity is a fetish.  Just the mere thought of having your penis locked up and controlled by a teasing partner is enough to make lots of guys aroused and erect, me included.  So don’t worry if you have to wait a few minutes again until you’ve calmed down and are ready to put the cage portion on.  It’s certainly better than trying to put it on when you’re erect.  So once you are flaccid once more, carefully slip the penis into the cage and attach it to the base ring.  The loop on the cage  goes around the pole on the ring and there are two holes in the ring to place the stabilising rods from the cage.  Be very careful not to trap any skin when doing this.  Take your time and you’ll be fine.


Now what can be awkward with many other designs, is slipping the penis into the cage comfortably.  It’s easy for the skin of the penis to catch on different parts on different cages.  With this one however, it’s much easier.  Because the metal rods that make up the cage are lengthways, you can easily slip the ends of your fingers inside and guide the penis downwards.  This is impossible with almost every other design.  Certainly with the Spiral device, trying to encourage the penis into the right place can be quite awkward and, if it becomes stuck, usually means you have to start again.  Of course lube can be used to make the whole process easier, but even then, this device is far easier to use than any other I have, lube or no lube.


So what’s it like as an every day device?  It’s good!  I was a little sceptical at first about how it would look under every day clothes, but it doesn’t really stick out any more than any other device.  Check out the photo above.  It’s a lot bigger, but doesn’t protrude much more than the smaller Spiral device.  My best advice, as with all chastity devices, is to wear tight underwear.  They help to keep it in place and prevent devices from protruding and becoming obvious in work clothing.  The most common reason excuse I hear for not wearing a chastity device 24/7 is because of what it might look like through clothing.  Let me put your minds at rest. I wear a tailored business suit to work every day and nobody has noticed anything.  No excuses!  I’ve worn this device under a thin suit, under jeans, at the gym, whilst running… The list goes on and, like most other devices, it’s fine.  I wouldn’t want to wear it whilst playing any kind of sport that requires jumping, like basketball for example, but for everything else, it’s good.

So, are there any other things to look out for?  Well, it’s chrome plated steel, so it won’t last as long as, say, a custom made titanium device.  If you’re careful with it, it should last well, but might rust eventually if the chrome wears off.  I’ve worn mine for long periods and showered, slept in it etc. and have had no such issues, but most chrome plated toys don’t last forever.  If it’s your first device, take your time when starting out.  Start by wearing it for a couple of hours, then go longer. Sleeping in this device is surprisingly comfortable but, if you haven’t slept in a device before, it takes a little time to acclimatise to.  It’s worth it, though, so stick at it.  Applying water based lube every couple of hours or so can help avoid chafing but, in time, you might be fine without it.  The lock that comes with it is wonderful…but not very secure.  It’s chrome plated, very pretty and looks fantastic on the device, but you might want to purchase something that’s a bit harder to pick, if security is an issue.  As with any chastity device of this kind (i.e. not a full belt), discipline from the wearer is necessary for it to work.  It’s almost always possible to remove the penis with enough lube and effort and it’s also possible to orgasm whilst wearing devices of this kind, providing enough stimulation is applied to the cage itself, for example a powerful vibrator.  So you really have to want to be in chastity for it to work.  But that’s the fun, right?  In my experience, most guys want to be in chastity more than their partners want it, so discipline isn’t really an issue for most of us.


So there we have it, a cheap, steel, good looking chastity device available in the UK. You can pick one up here for £24.99 (with free UK delivery). Enjoy!




    I’m glad you took the time to explain a chastity device in general, as well as the one you’re reviewing (plus the comparison). I’ve been interested in chastity devices since I saw them 7 years ago. Not to use, but just how they work, how they feel, and how they do for long periods of time. Thanks for answering a ton of my questions in one review. I love your pictures, as always.


    Great review!! I have this cage and you have covered everything in your review. Especially like that you mention to put your balls through the ring and then your cock! Sometimes I use some lube on my cock to slide it into the cage. If you are interested, i have a few photos on my Tumblr photo-blog.



    Lee James

    Have the birdcage, having a hard time getting it to fit

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