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Review: Behind Barz Chastity Belt


Posted February 6, 2016 by

This is a first for me. And I like firsts, so I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for a while. Now, those of you who are familiar with me (and this site) will probably be aware that chastity itself is no new thing for me. I own 17 regular chastity devices and have enjoyed using them for years. So the concept of  having my penis locked up is not new at all. Nor is going for long periods of orgasm denial. The reason this product is different is that it’s my first full belt. Which, let me tell you, makes a huge difference.

Now, I’ve been curious about full chastity belts for a long time. Almost as long as I’ve been interested in chastity itself. But this is the first time I’ve actually owned one. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to commit to one. I just needed to find the right one. For a couple of years before owning this, I regularly researched all the manufacturers I could find, but there weren’t any belts that really jumped out at me. I looked at Neosteel, Carrara/Goethals, MySteel, LockedInSteel (who sadly now appear to be defunct), Tollyboy, Latowski, Fetisch Felix etc. but none of them really made me want to buy them. I liked a good few designs, but not enough to want to wear one 24/7. Of course practicality is important. In fact it’s imperative when locking yourself in a device full time, but for me looks are important, too. I could have the most practical belt on the planet but if it makes me look silly then I’m not going to enjoy wearing it. For me, I needed something that was both practical and looked good at the same time.BBCB_shoot-2

So finally, I stumbled across Behind Barz. A lot of things made them jump out at me. Firstly, their belts looked amazing. Secondly, they had good reviews of their products, in spite of being relatively new to the scene. And thirdly, they were based in the UK, which made dealing with them a lot easier. There was no language barrier and no time difference. Both of which made chatting easier when I bombarded them with questions last year. After a few chats with Jo, their friendly representative, I decided to bite the bullet and order one. I should disclose at this point that Behind Barz have since sent me some additional add on items to try out, but the belt I’m reviewing here is completely paid for by me. I wasn’t sent it free of charge, like some others. I bought it with my own cash as I genuinely wanted one. Now that probably isn’t as important with other toys. I regularly buy the toys I want instead of waiting for them to be sent to me. But this was over £500, so it’s worth mentioning. I wantto make it absolutely clear that it’s my own purchase and I haven’t been subconsciously biased due to being sent such an expensive product.

The device itself is hand crafted entirely from 316 grade surgical steel. The belt portion comes in three parts and is adjustable. Now, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution at all. Behind Barz can create you one of these whatever the size, but they still make sure they’re adjustable. I’m glad they are, as after a couple of days I realised I wanted a tighter fit so I made it a couple of inches smaller. It comes in three parts. Two curved side parts that both attach to a flat steel plate at the back with some tiny screws. I found that it was easiest to carefully use a pair of pliers to hold on to the bolts at one end and to use a screwdriver on the nut on the other side. There are two bolts each side and the belt can be altered by a couple of inches each side, either way. So if you buy one and it isn’t quite the perfect fit, you can easily adjust it.20160129093759

Once the belt is the right size, you can attach the other components and put it on. You’ll notice on the belt portion that there are two big cylindrical bolts at the top and a thinner flat screw below to form a triangle shape. These are used to fix the belt together and to mount the attachments. All of Behind Barz’s attachments use the same three pin formation so you can mix and match what you like. You can even just wear it as a lockable belt, if that’s what you wish. If it’s your first time in chastity, then that might be a good idea to start off with. With the Behind Barz Chastity Belt (or BBCB as they call it) you’re sent the standard cock ring (or oval if you prefer, crafted to your chosen diameter), a spacer and a cock cage. The cage and ring are made to very tight specifications but can be bent into slightly different angles if you prefer. I found mine to be a little tight so I bent both parts ever so slightly. Because both parts are together, even with the thin spacer in between them there isn’t that much space for your skin. It’s not like a regular device that uses thicker spacers. Behind Barz can either bend each part a little more for you or you can do it easily yourself. I found it best to try on first then bend the cage out & the ring back about a millimetre each way myself so I could achieve a perfect fit.

My preferred method of wearing is with the spacer in between the cock ring and the cage. This provides another millimetre or so of room for your skin, which I find can be a little more comfortable. It’s very easy to put on. You simply wrap the belt around your waist, line up the holes over the three posts and push together. Then place your testicles through the cock ring ,line up the holes once more and then place over the posts as before. Place a spacer over the posts then finally insert your penis into the cock cage and place that over the posts, too. Once everything is in place, secure it by attaching the bolt over the thinner screw thread post and tighten as much as you can. Once everything is in place you can attach the locks.

The locks are very clever, indeed. They have tiny screw thread posts that screw into the two wider posts at the top of the belt (above where you’ve just attached the bolt). They tighten up easily enough by screwing round and round, but you’ll notice that a section of the lock is flat, which corresponds to flat edges on both the wider posts. Before the locks tighten too much, line up the flat portions and finish tightening them by inserting the key and turning around as far as you can. Once tight, remove the key and proceed to the second lock. You’ll notice that, because the flat portions are lined up, the only way to unscrew the locks is with the key. I’ll add at this point that there’s an option of having two different locks with two different keys. Personally, for me at least, one keyholder is perfectly fine, but if you want to have two keyholders then this is perfect for you (although I don’t fancy your chances of being unlocked much…).


Other than looking good, there are a few other things I take into account when deciding if a device (or belt) is for me. Firstly, how practical is it? Can I wear it 24/7? Is it comfortable to sleep in? Is it obvious that I’m wearing it?

Happily, this belt can be worn for days on end. Like any device, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it for extremely long periods without taking it off regularly to clean both it and you. You can shower easily with it on, but you can’t really clean everything (including you) perfectly unless you take it off. This is the same for every device the world over. This belt is more open than most, and as such is easier to clean whilst you’re wearing it, but I’d still want to be able to remove it for cleaning at least once a week.

As far as wearing it constantly, you’ll be fine. I’ve grown to love the feel of steel around my waist and it feels odd when it’s not there. Chastity devices can often be like that. I found that not too long after wearing any device for a few days, it feels odd when it’s removed. Like I’m naked. This is even more extreme. Without the feel of cold steel wrapping my waist I feel odd. If I change from this belt to a regular device I still feel naked.

Some activities take a little while to acclimatise to. Driving, for example. You’ll work out pretty soon how to enter and exit your car. It sounds silly, but with a full belt on it makes a difference how you sit down. Sitting down in a regular chair is one thing, but cars are different. They’re a tight fit and seating angles are more extreme. If you don’t sit down properly then you’ll be fine, but it won’t be quite as comfortable. I think it was about on my third car journey that I finally managed to perfect it, so it won’t take you long. Exercise is another thing. Running is fine, but you need to be careful if you’re bending over as your gym gear may rise up to show the world you’re locked. If you like wearing tight fitting trousers then you’re in for a treat as the profile is very inconspicuous, but you have to remember that the cage itself is longer than most so will have to sit to one side or the other. If it’s right in the middle with tight fitting clothing then it could insert a lot of pressure and potentially tear if you sit down too fast.WP_20151028_14_00_05_Pro (2) 1

Sleeping may take you a while to become accustomed to, like any device. With a full belt it really is different. Laying down, putting pressure on the belt itself is when it can become a little uncomfortable. However, on the whole I prefer it to a regular device. It does take a while to remember which positions are comfortable with it on and which aren’t, but when you’ve established what works, you’ll be fine. In fact, you won’t be woken up by night time erections either, which can be a major issue for regular devices. Regular devices you see, can’t prevent erections fully. They do a good job but, because the back ring is never held in place, when your body tries to give you an erection, your penis will fill with blood and the cage will be pushed out from the body. This can cause chafing on the skin and pulling the testicles away from the body like that can also hurt. Not too much, but enough to wake you up. Because the belt on the BBCB keeps the ring in place, no erection will be able to push the cage or the ring away from your body, which  means no erection will happen. I’ve tried. It’s just impossible. It’s actually nice to know that I don’t have to worry about becoming hard. Usually I try not to when I’m locked as I know it’s uncomfortable. It also means that teasing can now be pain free, which is definitely one of the biggest benefits to wearing a belt! So because erections are now impossible, they cannot wake you up at night. Once you’re asleep, you’re asleep.

As an aside, you don’t need to worry as much about selecting the best ring size on your device. Choosing the perfect ring is often a compromise. Too loose and it will be comfortable at night but could fall off if you’re completely flaccid (especially if it’s cold). Too tight and it’ll feel good when you’re soft but will cause more pain when you try to become erect. Because of the belt, you don’t need to worry about it coming off so you can opt for a bigger, more comfortable ring. Now, security wise, this standard belt isn’t 100% escape proof. With a bit of finagling you will be able to slip out of the cock cage if you breathe in and pull the belt up far enough. This is because there’s no way to prevent it from moving. However, if security is your absolute number one priority then you can buy an outer cage and rod (which I’ll also be reviewing soon) that make it entirely secure. If you like, they sell these as a complete solution which works out cheaper in the long run.


As I’ve been writing this review, I’ve been wondering how to end it. Chastity devices, more so than other sex products to me at least, are a lot more personal. They’re more emotional for me to review. Because I wear them 24/7, they change the way I feel. Not just for a fleeting moment like many other sex toys, but all the time. So I thought I’d end it with just being honest. I’m sitting here at the table in my family room typing away at my keyboard, locked in my Behind Barz Chastity Belt, I haven’t had an orgasm for almost six weeks, I can feel the steel wrapped around my waist and the cage is tightly gripping my cock. It’s impossible for me to become erect and I have no idea when I’ll next be able to, let alone when my next orgasm will be. And I love it. I love walking around the house in just my belt. I love wearing it underneath a business suit, knowing nobody knows it’s there. I love going to the gym with it underneath my shorts. I love wearing low rise jeans with the steel peeking out. Ultimately, this belt makes me feel better naked.

I remember when I bought my first chastity device, vividly. It was a polycarbonate device called The Curve. I was so excited! I’d been engaging in orgasm denial for years but buying an actual chastity device felt like a huge step forward. I wasn’t just dabbling in chastity now. I was a serious player! As anyone who enjoys being locked will know, handing over the key to someone else, and along with it your sexual agency, is a big emotional step. Upgrading from a device to a belt felt the same. For a while, it felt like I was only playing at chastity. I desperately wanted something more secure, something more hardcore. I looked at many full belts. Most of which would have given me that secure feeling. The feeling I was no longer playing and that I was serious. But I don’t think I would have liked to look at myself in the mirror. Many belts either look overly feminine with their flat fronts, or they look bulky, or they attach round the hips instead of the waist. For me, I had to have one that made me look better than I did before I put it on, which is what I look for in any chastity device. Personally I think I look better with my cock locked so I really didn’t want that to change when I progressed to a full belt. With this one, I really haven’t, at least not in my opinion. But I’ll let you judge for yourselves.BBCB_wearing-27

So if you’re sold on the idea of upgrading from a regular chastity device to a full chastity belt, like I was, but aren’t sure which one to buy, check out Behind Barz. I’m very happy with my purchase and so glad I bit the bullet & upgraded. There are so many reasons I love it, but the main ones are that it looks good, it feels amazing, erections are a thing of the past, it’s more secure and it’s more inconspicuous under clothing. Now, full belts are a little expensive, which is probably the reason most chastity enthusiasts wear regular devices, but if you can afford one then it’s worth it. I spent a little over £500 on this and it’s been worth every penny. Belts from Behind Barz start at £495, which is actually a lot cheaper than other manufacturers, and they’re happy to make changes for you as they’re all hand built. If you’re quick, they have an offer on at the moment too, where you save 10% (which is about £50 with the standard belt) until Feb 15th (the unofficial Male Chastity Day).

Click here or the banner below to browse their wares.

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    Really helpful and insightful article on this subject i couldnt agree more with you about how the belt makes you “feel” when its locked around your waist.


    How do you p*** in this device?


    Great Review. I see that this Review is written by an chastityexpert. It especially Shows clearly the Advantages and disadvantages of an full metal chastitydevice. Iam myselve locked in chastity by my MASTER since over 2 1/2years constantly the device comes never off except when MASTER tortures or milkes his locked cock. If ever MASTER decides to lock me in a full belt your device seems to become the choice as it has many advantages on other full belts. I agree fully with you that a weekly intensive cleaning is needed with any device.


      I can certainly recommend this belt for long term wear.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying chastity and hope you consider this one if you do ever decide to upgrade.

      And yes, regular thorough cleaning is a must with most devices.


    Thank you for your review. It means a lot that you actually purchased this device. It looks like the steel belt has no rubber padding. Is that the case? What about comfort? About the waist? and I tend to get chafed behind the scrotum with ball-trap devices. Will this be different? It costs a lot of money. I want to be sure.


      My belt came with rubber padding that you I can add and remove whenever I want. I tend not to use it, as I prefer the look of pure steel!

      Behind Barz will actually send you a silicone liner now, if you want. This wasn’t available when I bought my belt, but it is, now. If you want a liner, silicone is virtually non-porous, so I’d recommend taking that option.

      Chafing may still be an issue for you, with this particular belt, as there’s still a back ring. I find that applying lube regularly fixes it for me, but if you really want to avoid it, Behind Barz actually craft cages that don’t need any rings at all. If you contact them, they can build you one.


    Looks good. Wonder if they’ll do F belts too – would then make a very nice M and F matching pair! And option to have two separate locks with two separate KHs definitely adds,


    Thank you for this thorough and personal review! I had never heard of this manufacturer before, but now I am certainly considering them for the someday-future. 🙂

    You mentioned a couple of add-ons which can enhance security a bit, and that you planned to review them shortly, but I scrolled through the posts on your homepage and didn’t see anything other than a second device review coming sometime soon. Did I miss the review somehow? Or, if you never ended up writing it, would you be willing to do so, even while you are testing out the new device? 😉



    Great review and on the back of it myself and my girlfriend are very close to buying a Behind Barz belt. There is one concern though…

    My balls hang quite low, so would there be an issue with the metal rod? Would they get in the way? I’ve owned a belt before (cheap one on ebay) and it was rendered unusable due to the metal section running between the legs.

    Thanks, Craig



      Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the review.

      I don’t wear the rod. I find it more comfortable without it. If you want extra security, check out my Complete System review:

      I don’t wear the rod with the front cage, either. It’s secure enough that I can’t escape, too 🙂


    Really good review. I especially like the option of separate locks. So, for example 2 Keyholders can control lock their wearers so both KHs need to agree for either wearer to get released. Perfect for two couples in tandem.


      Yeah, I like the idea of two keyholders. They’d both have to agree to unlock you at the same time on the same day, though. I think it may reduce your chances!


    Wow that belt looks hot on you! Also like there is no pieces that attach on the backside… very professional and secure look!

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