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Review: Behind Barz Chastity Belt – Complete System


Posted February 15, 2017 by

EDIT: At the moment the Complete System is £100 off due to Male Chastity Day! Use code MCD2017 at the checkout!

Many of you will remember me upgrading from regular chastity devices to a full belt, about a year ago. At the time, I had a little over twenty standard devices, but wanted something more. I’m fine with self discipline, but I still wanted something that would actually prevent me from escaping, so it was either a full belt or have the end of my penis pierced. I’m not ruling out piercings, but as I’d been lusting after full belts for years, that was the option that won.

It was actually a conversation I’d been having with myself for many years. I’d just not been able to decide which one to buy, until Behind Barz came on the scene. As you’ll know if you read my first review, I bought it with my own cash. I may have been able to harangue them enough to eventually send me one, but I didn’t want to wait. So I just bought it and, as you can tell from the review, I was extremely pleased with it.

There was one aspect of the standard system that wasn’t quite enough to satisfy me, however, and that was the security aspect. Now, I knew that it wouldn’t be perfectly secure when I bought it. In spite of that being the main reason I was looking at belts in the first place, as soon as I saw the BBCB, I knew I had to have one, so I bought it anyway. I also knew that, if I liked the standard belt, I could easily buy an add on that would make it completely secure, so it was never an issue.

Fast forward to last year when I knew I loved the belt and wanted some additional security, I was actually lucky enough to be asked by Behind Barz whether I wanted to try a couple of their outer cages, in exchange for a review. This review. So they sent me a couple of their regular cages and also a brand new ‘Hannibal’ cage, that hadn’t been released yet.

I’ll start with the standard outer cages, as they sent me those first. They’re crafted from the same 316 medical grade surgical steel that the rest of the belt is made from but, for a change, I asked for mine to be in different colours. I love the virgin steel look of my standard BBCB, but thought that a coloured outer cage would really stand out. So I chose red and blue for the bare and enclosed outer cage, respectively.

Now, the outer cage is easy to attach to the front of the belt. Instead of using a steel spacer in between the back ring and the tube, you simply attach the tube immediately over the top of the back ring, which leaves enough space for an outer cage. Once you’ve lined everything up (which is easy), it’s then just a case of attaching the nut to hold it in place while you fix the locks. That’s all very easy. What’s a little more tricky is attaching the rod at the back. I say tricky, but really it just takes time finding the right size.

The rod slips through a hole at the bottom of the outer cage and then you thread it through the back of the belt where it’s attached by another nut. You’ll need to swap out the back part of your regular belt with a new one that can attach to the rod, but that’s all part of the package and is very easy to do (you simply unscrew it with a flat head screwdriver and attach the new one). The only reason the whole rod process can take a while is that you’ll need to experiment with different lengths and keep trying the belt on between each one. The nut spins round to reduce the length of the rod, so it’s easy to adjust. It’s just a little time consuming initially. However, once you have the right size, you’ll not need to adjust it again, although I would certainly recommend remembering exactly how where you stopped tightening the nut, for when you take it off and put it back on again (for cleaning etc.).

I remember the first time I wore my belt with an outer cage. What a difference! I was expecting it to feel different, of course, but it really was a huge change. Firstly, the security I wished for is there. There really is no escape. Now, I still think there’s probably a way to orgasm in the belt if you held a really powerful vibrator against it, especially if you hadn’t climaxed for weeks, so some self discipline will still be involved, but you won’t be able to take it off, or pull out or do anything like that. With the standard belt (without the outer cage), it’s possible to lift up the belt (if you have a tiny waist like me) and slide out. This isn’t possible at all with the Complete System. The rod just prevents that kind of movement.

In fact, the rod makes such a difference, that I really had to adjust to regular, every day activities again. Like driving, for example. The first time I wore my belt felt odd, but then I managed to find how to drive comfortably and became acclimatised to it. With the rod, I can’t shift the belt to my usual comfortable position, so I have to sit ever so slightly differently. Making sure the rod is the right length is very important, too. Too long and you’ll put pressure on it when sitting down, which will push the rest of the belt upwards. Too short and it’ll be too tight, which will make pulling it to one side when going to the bathroom an issue. My biggest piece of advice is to take your time when choosing a good fit. It really is worth spending a little longer experimenting and making slight changes if you have issues, before testing again and seeing if things have improved. I found myself making it far too loose, followed by far too tight. I then made smaller adjustments until I reached a good fit. You’ll manage it. Just take your time.

The cages themselves are interesting. There are a few different standard designs and Behind Barz will create you something completely bespoke if you want something a little different. I have the Open, Enclosed and Hannibal 1 (the most open of all the Hannibal designs. The Open and Enclosed are part of Behind Barz’s original range and are slightly different from the newer Hannibal cages. They’re a little larger. They’re less likely to make a loud clang if you sit down too fast on a glass chair, for example.

All outer cages fit perfectly over the standard chastity belt tube. The older cages are ever so slightly wider, so if you want more room, I’d opt for one of those. If you want to wear it constantly, without removing for cleaning, for as long as possible, then the open cage is your best bet. I’d still recommend checking regularly however, and removing it to clean whenever you feel is best. Personally, I take mine off every few days for a thorough clean of myself and the belt. You can go longer, but it’s less pleasant. I don’t often go much longer than a week without some kind of clean.

It’s a bit easier for me as I live with my keyholder, but that’s also the main reason I clean so often. My other half enjoys removing my devices whenever she likes, for teasing, sex etc.. Removing a chastity belt and not being in a good state of cleanliness is an instant buzz kill so we try to avoid it. It’s also nicer for me to always be clean. It only takes a few minutes to clean myself and the belt thoroughly in the shower. It can be fun if it’s supervised, too! A few months ago, my other half positioned the bed so that it’s now opposite the wet room.  She can now watch me in the shower in the morning without moving!

Now, whilst I most definitely like the Complete System, I have a confession to make. These days, I don’t actually use the rod at all…

I worked out that I couldn’t escape without attaching it, so since then I’ve rarely used it. I was experimenting, as you should with your belt, and wanted to know what it was like with an outer cage, but without the rod. I couldn’t pull out at all. Now some of you have emailed me asking about the Complete System. Some have specifically told me that they are keen on the rod system and have asked what it’s like. I’ve told them the same thing. It’s great, but it’s not 100% essential if you want something you cannot escape from.

Personally, I found wearing the new Hannibal cage over the standard belt without the rod as the best solution for me. It has the security I crave (I simply cannot escape), it provides a little more movement (which comes in handy when driving etc.) and it makes going to the bathroom a little easier. On that, it’s worth noting that there’s a convenient hole at the bottom of the Hannibal cages, which makes urinating, and in particular cleaning, a lot easier.

Now, I still sometimes wear my standard BBCB (without an outer cage), which is still amazing on its own, but adding an outer cage really does mean the difference between escaping and not escaping. Of course, if you’re larger, then you may not be able to escape anyway, but I have a 30″ waist so it’s an issue for me. I find an outer cage a worthy add on.

The bottom line is, if you want complete security, then you probably want an outer cage, but don’t worry too much about the rod, you may not need it. If you want more space, then the older designs are bigger. Personally, I adore my Hannibal cage. I think it looks the best and is the best design. If I had to recommend just one, that would most certainly be it.

You can pick up a bare cage (including rod & new back plate) for your BBCB from £205, here.

You can pick up an enclosed cage (including rod & new back plate) for your BBCB from £245, here.

And you can pick up a Hannibal cage (including rod & new back plate) for your BBCB from £345, here.

If you don’t already own a Behind Barz belt and you want to buy a Complete System (including outer cage, rod and special back plate) then you can pick up absolutely everything from £660, here.

EDIT: At the moment the Complete System is £100 off due to Male Chastity Day! Use code MCD2017 at the checkout!

I just want to thank Behind Barz again for sending me all three outer cage styles. I’ve enjoyed them all!




    great review again Andy as you say the rod is not needed in order to be secure but it does add another element to the total package when its locked in place and the fact any standard butt plug can be slipped under it makes their removal without the key impossible for added fun. The belt looks great on you and as you say the beauty of this particular belt is the many variations in which it can be worn for different periods of time and required levels of security.


    Great review, Andy. And, as always, great pics to accompany it.

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