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Review: Tantus Severin (Large)


Posted August 2, 2015 by

The Tantus Large Severin was my first big toy. It was also my first Tantus toy. I bought it years ago when I first properly started experimenting in anal play. If you read my last review, you’ll know I talked about hearing bloggers talk about Tantus for the first time. I remember wanting to try out their silicone and had been looking for a first purchase.  Until that point, most of my sex toys had been purchased in person at my local sex shop and were;t amazing. I wanted to try something new. Something bigger and better. After looking online and scouring the Tantus website, I ordered the large Severin for myself.

Severin-5I remember opening the package and gasping at the sheer size of it. It was huge! How would I ever fit it into my butt?! At the time I had had huge success in using what were, for me, bigger and bigger toys. I remember my first butt plug was quite small, probably an inch in diameter. Even for a beginner, it felt small. So I bought something about 1.5” wide. That felt about right, but I wanted to go bigger. I’d seen porn where people were having anal sex and being penetrated by bigger toys (or penises) and they loved it. I wanted in on it. So I bought myself a butt plug with a 2” diameter. Now we were talking. It took a lot of effort to insert, but I did it. First time. I remember really straining but being so pleased when it finally popped in. After only a few weeks of experimentation I had gone from being a beginner to being able to use a 2” toy without needing anything else as a warm up. So it was time for something bigger and the Tantus Severin definitely fit that description.


I remember the first time I tried it. The first bulb was big enough. The second? No chance. I was gutted. I tried and tried but couldn’t get anywhere near to having it inside me. I tried again. And again. No luck. Maybe it was just to big for me. But no, I’d seen people take much larger. They must have started somewhere. I needed something in between. So I went back to my local sex toy store and bought a dodgy inflatable plug of questionable material and it did the trick*! Not at first. It took quite a while. Weeks in fact. I remember using the inflatable again and again. Stretching as much as I could without causing too much pain. But I wanted that Severin inside me! Pain be damned!

Eventually, I managed it. I remember warming up with my other toys, then the inflatable and then, finally, the Severin. Then, for the first time, with a lot of pushing and sheer determination, it popped in. It felt insane. I couldn’t believe how big it felt. I was actually instantly worried about removing it. The shaft of the Severin, compared with the largest bulb, is very small. I was worried if I left it in for too long that my muscles would relax and I wouldn’t be able to remove it. So, before that happened, I pulled it out. Which was as intense as pushing it in, in the first place. But at least I knew I could finally play with it (and take it out without injuring myself). I was happy. Now I knew it was possible, I tried again. No such luck. Physically, I’d had enough and couldn’t manage to put it in again, no matter how hard I tried. I’d have to wait another day.


So I kept trying it out. For longer and longer each time. The first time was for a few moments. After that I tried keeping it in for a couple of minutes. It was a strange feeling, having something this big inside me. I’ve read lots of reviews of the Severin. Most people opt for the smaller versions, a couple of people have reviewed the large one. Most dislike it. They say it feels odd. Like it doesn’t want to be there. Like it’s always trying to remove itself. And, you know what? They’re right. It does feel like that at first. I think if I’d been sent this to review, then firstly it wouldn’t have taken me about 7 years to publish the review, but more importantly I don’t think it would have been as positive as this one. I think I’d have used it a few times and come to the same conclusion. As a sex toy reviewer, I’m usually limited to the amount of time I spend using a toy. I always try to use toys a fair amount before reviewing them, usually under a number of different circumstances. For plugs like this, I need to know what it feels like wearing every day, what it’s like when masturbating, what it’s like during sex. But I have so much to review I can’t spend hours and hours trying. OK, for chastity devices it’s a little different, I wear them non stop for a couple of weeks at least before reviewing, but for sex toys my time is limited. With this, if Tantus had sent it to me to review, it would probably be ok, but I wouldn’t be raving about it.


For me though, I have an emotional attachment to my Severin. It will always be my first big toy. The first toy I couldn’t manage to slip inside me on my first attempt. The first toy I had to spend time to work towards. It required a lot of effort to even use once. It took a lot of investment. Because of all of this, I was keen not to let it be a disappointment. So I persisted with it. And with the benefit of hindsight, I’m glad I did. I love my Severin. I love the feeling of fullness from it. I love walking around the house with it inside me. It took me a while to really love it. The first few times I couldn’t take it inside me for long. Just a couple of minutes inside at a time, with me hopping around uncomfortably until I pulled it out again. But now, it’s my most used ‘fun’ plug. I split butt plugs into categories. There are those I use during sex, those I wear during the day for long periods, and those I wear for fun around the house when I don’t need to worry about things. The Severin is in that third category and it’s my favourite. I’ve possibly spent more time with some other plugs inside me, but I’ve used my Severin more times, by far, than any other plug. I still need to warm up when I use it (mostly), and it still takes my breath away when it pops inside. t’s also the only plug I own that milks my prostate instantly. The large bulb is so big that whenever I insert it, it presses hard against my prostate, which in turn applies pressure to my seminal vesicles and any semen stored in them is squeezed out involuntarily. I have bigger plugs now and smaller ones, but I always, always grab this one first. It’s been the most consistent toy in my drawer throughout my sex toy using career. Almost every other toy has come and gone, sometimes to return, sometimes not. The Severin has been there from the beginning and I can’t see myself ever putting it into storage.

No, it’s not for everyone. Yes, it feels a bit awkward at first. Yes, you’ll probably have to invest time in it. But, if you’re a size queen like me, and you want something that will feel amazing inside you, it will all be worth it.

The Tantus Severin comes in three sizes. I have the large, but there are small and medium versions if you want something smaller. You can pick them up from UberKinky in the UK or direct from SheVibe in the US:

The Tantus Severin from UberKinky is here. Small is £20.99, medium £27.99, large £35.99.

The Tantus Severin from SheVibe is here. Small is $29.99, medium $33.99, large $41.99.

*Don’t do what I did. I knew little about sex toys at the time. If you want to take bigger plugs, use good quality toys. They cost more, but won’t cause you physical issues. I can help if you want advice.


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