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Review: Tantus Ryder


Posted April 18, 2012 by

Reviewing the Tantus Ryder is a bit like reviewing the film Star Wars. Even if you haven’t seen it, you have a pretty good idea that it’s a great movie. The Tantus Ryder is the butt plug equivalent of Star Wars. I don’t think I’ve ever read a negative review and when people discuss plugs its often not even mentioned due to its “goes without saying” status. However, those new to sex toys may not have heard of it, so let me enlighten you…

The Tantus Ryder is, in my opinion, Tantus‘s flagship plug. They craft a whole range, but the Ryder is the one everyone thinks of, and for good reason: There is nothing bad about this toy.

For a start, the design is a winner. It’s shaped like a large cylindrical tablet that’s attached to a thin shaft and a flat base. It’s easy to insert but stays in place due to the insertable/shaft ratio and because of the well designed base, it does not suffer from “plug twist” at all. Because of its simple, no nonsense design, the Ryder works. It doesn’t have a complicated shape, designed to stimulate the prostate and it’s not so large that it will be too awkward to wear for long periods.

The Ryder is a great plug for you to “slip in and leave in”. Sure, you’ll know it’s there, which is the whole point, but it won’t distract you too much. You can leave it in for hours and it’ll just feel…nice. (I don’t literally mean leave in for hours on end, by the way. I’d always recommend relubricating every half hour or hour). For me, it’s an all day plug. I pop it in and only remove it when I need to. It’s also the plug I now keep in my bag all the time (replacing the Fun Factory Bootie that used to be there) alongside a small tube of GiveLube.

It can also be left in during sex. It’s secure enough to not pop out and doesn’t move about regardless of your position.

Its also very well made. Like all Tantus silicone products, it’s crafted from 100% pure platinum silicone so it’s phthalate free, completely body safe and absolutely non-porous. This means that not only do you have nothing to worry about with regards to your skin, but that you can store it with your other Tantus toys without having to use separate bags.

This may look like it has been written by a Tantus fanboy and I guess, in all honesty, I am. But for good reason. I own a bunch of Tantus toys and I like them all. I’ve also never been sent a Tantus silicone toy to review, including this one. I’ve bought them all myself and I’m writing this because I genuinely love it.


When people ask me to recommend a plug and they’re not anal beginners, this is always the first one I mention. If it isn’t in your toy box, perhaps it should be…

You can buy one here!



    We are slightly dreading reviewing our Ryder, as there is not a whole lot to say. Love the pictures on this review btw, especially the 3rd one…



      Yes, I understand. I always struggle with things like cock rings, that don’t do much.

      Glad you like the photos!



    Hahaha, I love the Star Wars comparisons!

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