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Review: Tantus Ripple


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I remember when I first started to become interested in sex toys. It was years ago, now. I don’t mean when I first started using them. I mean when I became properly keen on finding the best and most fun toys. Before then I’d bought and used a few, mainly for during sex with my partner, but they weren’t really a staple part of my sex life. But then something clicked, and I realised I really enjoyed using them. I mean *really* enjoyed them. It was anal play that did it for me. I couldn’t get enough of it. I kept wanting to find the best & most comfortable butt plugs to wear and the most fun dildos to use. I found myself enjoying using anal toys more than masturbating. So I had to do more research.

I started by looking online. I found online blogs and Tumblr & Twitter and began to learn. I remember stumbling across Dangerous Lilly and Epiphora (and many others who aren’t on the scene anymore). Epiphora was amazing. I remember emailing her and asking for advice and she was amazingly helpful. If you’re a newer reader here you may not know, but she is the reason I started reviewing in the first place. So whilst I was trying to absorb as much sex toy information as possible, I heard about Tantus. I’d already heard of Lelo and had used toys from Fun Factory already, but I’d not heard of Tantus. They were certainly popular among bloggers, though. It seemed that everyone was talking about two things, their Tantus toys and their Hitachi Magic Wands. They talked about Tantus being completely body safe and that their silicone was amazing. During this time I remember one toy in particular. This one, the Tantus Ripple.


I remember being fascinated by the shape and I loved the purple colour. I remember seeing photos of it being posted online and thinking to myself “I need one of those”. I was intrigued by the style of the toy. Was it a plug? Was it a dildo? Would I enjoy thrusting it? Or is it for sitting on and leaving there? It seemed to be a hybrid of butt plug, dildo and anal beads. But I wasn’t sure if it was better or worse than any of those. But I had to find out. I remember asking someone who had one and she said she had the large version, used it as a strapon and her boy was a huge fan of it. Apparently the last bulb was a challenge, but one they both enjoyed. But this is where the story ended, at least for a time. I didn’t actually buy one. I opted for the Tantus Severin instead, a larger, more bulbous butt plug. And loved it. So I bought more Tantus toys. I bought the Alumina Flow, the Curve, the Charmer and loved them all. Somehow I forgot about the Ripple. Until recently.

About a year ago, I saw one again. And I remembered it being the first Tantus toy I was aware of. So I bought it. I remember it arriving in a huge order amongst a bunch of underwear, ball stretchers and urethral sounds, but it was the one purchase I was most looking forward to. So I unwrapped it, fetched a bottle of lube and tried it right away. And it felt great! It was different from any other toy I had. I love texture and different shapes and the increasing size of the bulbs on the Ripple felt amazing. I was used to feeling a couple of bulbs. Two of my favourite butt plugs were similarly undulating (the Tantus Severin and Fun Factory Boosty), but this one was different. It had more, which meant there were more sensations to feel the deeper I inserted it. With each extra bulb inserted, I could not only feel a bigger stretch , I could feel the smaller bulbs penetrating further and stimulating areas not usually stimulated in that way. All my deep toys had been smooth, until now. So feeling the ‘Ripple’ effect deep inside was a new sensation for me.


So the Ripple is definitely a ‘thruster’. But not in the way most of my other toys are. I think all my other dildos are used quickly. I don’t mean for a short amount of time, far from it. I mean I thrust them fast. Even the Tantus T-Rex, which is a behemoth of a toy and takes a lot of warming up. Once I’m ready for it, I thrust it all I can. This one is different. It’s a slow, deliberate thrust. Sure, you can use it fast, but you won’t appreciate the sensations the ripples give you. Go too fast and your muscles won’t relax in time for the next thrust. Go slower and your body will wrap itself around each bulb in turn, increasing  then decreasing in size.

So would I recommend it? Yes! I was a fool not to buy one sooner. Yes, it is a bit niche. No, it’s probably not for everyone. But if, like me, you enjoy anal play on its own, then this is a must buy. If you are unsure whether or not to buy one, you should ask yourself one question:

Do I enjoy anal penetration on its own?

If the answer is yes, then this should be on your list. If you only enjoy anal play as part of masturbation or sex, then maybe not. In my opinion, this is a toy to be used and experienced on its own. It’s not one I’d pick if I wanted something to penetrate me whilst masturbating. It’s one I pick when I want to feel pleasurable anal sensations on their own. If you like that too, then don’t wait as long as I did…

Ripple-1You can pick one up here from UberKinky for £25.99

Or if you’re in the USA, you can order one online from Tantus directly here, for $45.18



    Great post! I love my Ripple (in fact my review will be posted today!). It was my first foray into anal play and remains a favorite. Glad you finally got one!


      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It’s a great fun toy.

      You’ll have to try the large version like the one I have, one day 🙂

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