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Review: Tantus Neo


Posted July 11, 2015 by

I’ve had this butt plug for a while. I actually bought it when they first came out so I’ve been using it for a couple of years (I think), but it’s been near the bottom of my list to review as I always try to write about toys I’m sent by others first. What normally happens though, is that I never have any time to review anything I’ve bought myself. But I’ve been wearing this one today (I tend to cycle butt plugs so that I’m never used to the same feeling) and it felt so good that I just had to write about it.

You may remember that I reviewed the Tantus Ryder a couple of years back. I compared it to Star Wars, it was that good. This one is, well, better. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the Ryder. Nothing at all. But this one is just, well, it’s just better. Not much better (there wasn’t much to improve on the Ryder), but this plug, for me, is more pleasurable.


For a start, the shape of the Neo is awesome. The pointed tip makes it much easier to insert and the base is fantastic. It’s up there with the base of the Fun Factory Bootie, which I’d held as the industry standard in butt plug bases until this one. The silicone is also amazing. It’s not completely smooth, like lots of Tantus products. It’s ever so slightly textured, which actually makes it feel smoother. Because of the texture, there’s less grip. When you run your finger across it, there’s less material touching you, so there’s less friction. It’s why completely smooth F1 tyres have more grip. But we don’t always want grip, particularly when we’re inserting a toy anally. So the pointed tip combined with the textured silicone make this the easiest plug (of it’s size) to insert that I own.


The Neo also feels amazing when worn. It’s one of those every day plugs. One that you can slip in, in the morning, and just enjoy throughout the day. It’s not like the Tantus Severin. It doesn’t scream out that it’s inside you. It’s not distracting. It just feels good. It gives you the sensation of feeling nicely plugged, but not overly full or stretched. It’s also nice to wear during play. If you enjoy anal stimulation but don’t want the hassle of thrusting something while you masturbate, then you might enjoy this one. It also stays put, due to the design of the base and the plug to shaft ratio, so you can slip it in before sex and not have to worry about it popping out accidentally. Thinking of having anal sex later? Slip this in beforehand during foreplay and you’ll be ready for action later.


The Neo really is one of my favourite plugs. It’s up there with the Fun Factory Boosty and the Tantus Ryder for intermediate, non-distracting butt plugs. Sure, it’s not one I wear all the time. Sometimes I want to be distracted. Sometimes I want to feel something larger and more bulbous inside me. Sometimes I want to feel something pressing against my prostate to help keep me hard. But during the day, when I’m at work or in a meeting or going shopping or taking my other half out to a restaurant and I just want to feel something pleasant anally, then this is the one.

If you’re in the UK then you can pick one up from for £24.95 here. Don’t forget to use the code RUFFLED10 for 10% off all purchases!

Or if you’re in the USA, you can order one directly from Tantus for $39.75 here.



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