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Posted December 3, 2011 by

I was hoping to write a snarky review this time.

Most of my reviews recently have been very positive. Sure, they’ve had their issues. For example, the REV1000 and Oxballs Cocksling are both made from TPR instead of silicone (why? Why would you do that??) but they were essentially both good products. Alas, sent me the sublime Tantus Alumina Pace for review so my snark will have to wait until another review…!

I knew this one would be good before I even tried it out. It’s not my first Alumina product (see here for my review of the Alumina Flow) and I’ve read other views of the Pace that are all positive. Now with such high expectations it’s often easier to become dissatisfied but this wasn’t the case with the Pace. I could probably end the review here by just stating that there really isn’t anything wrong with it but I’ll elaborate on a number of points to try to illustrate why I enjoy using it so much.


Tantus’s packaging is always OK but their Alumina range is in a different league. It’s comparable to luxury packaging by Lelo. You won’t want to throw it away, that’s for sure. Like all Alumina products, this comes in a stylish black box with sculpted foam inserts, as you can see below.


Like all Alumina toys, the Pace comes in two main parts that screw together with a small washer in between. All Alumina products have the same screw fitting you can mix and match them. Of course, you are slightly limited to which ends can be mixed together but any Alumina ‘handle’ will screw into any Alumina ‘end’. Of course, like the rest of the range, the ‘handle’ isn’t strictly a handle. Each toy can be used both ways and this one is no exception.

Like the rest of the Alumina range, it’s exquisite quality and made from anodized aeronautical grade aluminium.  However, it’s slightly different from the rest in that it’s a tiny bit smoother to the touch.  You can feel the texture more in the bigger Alumina toys.  This is slightly smoother so there’s less friction when using it.  It’s 5″ long in total although you’ll only be inserting about 3″ at a time.  The pointy end is 1.25″ wide and the base, 1″.


The Pace is often described as a plug. It’s true that it’s about the right size, but I’d argue that it’s more of a toy to be manipulated with rather than just inserted and left there. I tend to think of plugs as being stationary toys but this really isn’t. Like the Lelo Bob, I think this toy is often misunderstood.

Both ends of the Pace can be used and, indeed, both are enjoyable. My favourite however, is with the pointy end inserted, which is the way it’s intended to be used, I believe. Used this way, it hits my prostate every time with ease. The prostate isn’t as far in as you may think. Mine is about 3 inches inside and I think it’s the same for most. Toys that are 4-5 inches in length can be great but will travel past the prostate if inserted fully. This one is perfect and leaves just enough handle for you, or your partner, to hold on to and manipulate. It’s not really a ‘thruster’, but small movements feel amazing. Particularly if you focus pressure on the prostate.

I believe this is the best way to use it. It can be used as a leave in plug, but there are better products out there for that. The handle sticks out a little when inserted which, while perfect for holding, can make a clang if you sit down sharply on a wooden, glass or metal chair. It also moves around a little, too. This might be something that you’d like but personally I prefer it if plugs stay where they are if I’m going to be going out or walking around.

This, for me, is certainly a toy to be played with. Either with a partner or on your own, moving this one around is definitely the most fun way to play.

Temperature Play

If you own one of these and you haven’t tried fooling around with the temperature then you’re missing out on half the fun. The Alumina range is practically designed for it. This particular product doesn’t hold temperature quite as long as its bigger brothers and sisters but it still does a fine job, particularly as it’s only half the size of the others.

You can heat it up or cool it down in a number of ways but I’d recommend either warming in a basin of hot water (my personal favourite) or cooling in a bowl of ice (if you’re feeling adventurous!). For its size, it holds temperature very well.


Cleaning any Alumina toy is easy and this is no exception. I tend to use soap and hot water but it’s dishwasher safe if you want to pop it on the top shelf along with your silicone toys. It’s not shiny, but I wouldn’t want to use an abrasive cloth. Other than that, you’d be hard pushed to damage it however you cleaned it.


This is a great toy. I actually prefer it to my Flow at the moment.  It’s easier to carry around with me and feels amazing.  Thanks so much to Paul at for sending it to me!  You can pick one up here for £50.35, reduced from £55.95. It is quite expensive, but if you can find it cheaper in the UK, will refund the difference and give you an extra £1 for your trouble.


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