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Review: Njoy Pure Plug


Posted April 10, 2011 by

Firstly, I’d like to say a big thank you to Lovehoney for sending me this to review. I’ve used Lovehoney for the past few years and can vouch for their great customer service.

Now, onto the toy.

The njoy toy I’ve been sent is the small version from their established Pure Plug range. It’s crafted from steel and is heavy for its size, like most metal toys. I always like mentioning packaging if it’s of a certain quality and njoy absolutely deliver in this respect. The packaging just oozes excellence. It comes in a sturdy box, filled with pink satin that sits on top of a cutout of the toy itself so it fits perfectly.

This isn’t my first metal toy, but it is my first that’s crafted from steel. I have the small plug which has a 1″ (25mm) wide head and has an usable length of 2.25″ (60mm). It weighs 5oz (140g), which is heavy for such a small toy. The craftsmanship of the toy itself is also second to none. It’s completely flawless. No seams, scratches, marks, anomalies or imperfections. As such, it’s probably the smoothest toy I own and is a joy to just hold. It’s one of those toys that you just want to display on your coffee table for others to admire.

Using the Pure Plug itself, is very easy. Because it’s so smooth, very little lube is needed. The end is pointed for easy insertion and the size I have is small enough for a beginner to use. I probably wouldn’t recommend this for an absolute beginner, unless they had a particular craving for something heavy or for steel as it’s quite heavy. The weight of the Pure plug is one of its bonuses, though. Personally, I always think that heavier toys make their presence known. You could be forgiven for leaving a Fun Factory Bootie inside and forgetting it’s there. Not so with this. It’s heavy enough to be always noticeable, but not too heavy that it risks falling out. One other bonus about the shape, from one perspective, is that the base consists of a handle to make it easier to remove. That said, you do have to be careful when sitting down on a hard surface as the handle does obviously take up more space than a regular base. It’s not too big to be seated, but you may create a loud bang if you’re not careful. Try explaining that one away… The handle really is a bonus, though, in my view, as it can also be used during play with your partner. Similar to the Lelo Bob, it can feel wonderful to have someone else manipulate it with the handle.

As far as using the Pure Plug for extended periods, it feels great. I’d always advise relubing every half an hour or hour, but as this is such a smooth toy, you’ll use less over time as described above. It’s also a great shape. In spite of its short stature, it’s long enough and curved enough for me to feel it on my prostate when inserted with the bulb towards my stomach. I have to admit I had my doubts, but there’s no doubt that it’s long enough to gently press down. If you’re looking for a toy to use when performing a prostate massage, then this one really isn’t for you. It really isn’t designed for that, though, so I won’t knock any points off for that! That said, I find the most comfortable way to wear it is with the bulb pointing towards my back. It fits snugly inside and feels like its meant to be there. It’s one of those toys that makes you feel strange when you remove it, like you’re missing something.

I’d also like to add that, for its size, it’s very good for temperature play. No toy this small will ever break any records at holding temperature but for its mass, the Pure Plug does exceptionally well. I’ve heated it up and cooled it down with water and it’s kept its temperature for a few minutes each time. If you’re new to temperature play then this would be a reasonable toy to start with. On a side note, if you’ve never tried it then you really should! Cooling down toys is an acquired taste, but warming them up feels fantastic. It can make the difference between a good toy and a great toy and one of the reasons metal toys sell so well is because they generally hold their temperature longer than glass, silicone & wooden toys.

After a couple of weeks reviewing the Pure plug, I can only recommend it. It’s as good as I’d hoped for (and I had high hopes) on most aspects and it surprised me (in a good way) in others. It always feels fantastic when I wear it, can be worn for long periods, is fun with a partner and is good for temperature play. The only reason I can see for not owning one of these is that you either don’t like metal, you don’t like butt plugs, or you want something bigger. Worth remembering, though, that this is the smallest in the range and that there are 3 more sizes, each bigger than this to choose from.  Just one final note: as they’re made from steel, all njoy toys are very easy to clean.  You can use soap & water, the top shelf of the dishwasher or a 10% bleach solution if you like.  All are tried & tested ways of keeping your toys clean.  What you *must not* do, however, is clean them with anything abrasive or they’ll lose that wonderfully smooth texture that’s one of their trademarks.

Thanks again to Lovehoney for sending me such a fantastic toy. If you’re in the UK, here’s a link to buy the njoy Pure Plug from Lovehoney. It qualifies for free 1st class delivery and from experience, if you order before about 4pm, it’ll usually arrive the very next morning.

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    I’ve been pondering about getting me a metal toy, but they are so hard to come by here.

    Thank you for including the bit about temperature play, must try that sometime. It’s a very pretty toy as well, I’ve noticed. If you’re not using it as a plug, you can even use it as an objet d’art.



    I just got my medium Pure Plug today, and I have to agree, they really are wonderful. They’re so elegant and comfortable.

    Temperature play is definitely an acquired taste. Personally, I enjoy a cold dildo in the summer, but cold toys never go anywhere near my butt. *shudder*


    I have yet to be disappointed by an Njoy toy! I have…too many 😀 and the Pure Plugs are so lovely, heavy and totally top shelf. Wonderful review and pictures!


    I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post

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