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Review: Nexus Ace Large Butt Plug for Lovehoney


Posted November 8, 2015 by

This is the best remote controlled butt plug I own. I normally don’t start reviews with sentences like that, but this one really deserves it. Not just for a one reason, either. There are a number of things that make this plug great and the sum of them all makes it exceptional.

For a start, it’s a fantastic plug on its own. Without the vibrations, without the remote control, without anything else, this would be a fun toy. The shape is great, for a start. It has a reasonably standard teardrop design with a nicely proportioned shaft and a comfortable base. Plug to shaft ratio is important. You don’t want it too little as it may fall out when you want to. You don’t want it too big either, as with big toys such as this, your muscles may contract and it will be too hard to pull out. With the Nexus Ace, the shaft is a reasonable size and it also has raised rings to prevent it increase grip & reduce the chance of it coming out when you don’t want it to. The silicone is also wonderful. It has the smooth feel I’ve enjoyed on Nexus toys since the Max5 I reviewed a few years ago. And lastly, I love the size. It’s hard to find large plugs that are a good shape, have a decent shaft & base and are made from body safe & (virtually) non-porous materials. This one ticks all those boxes. So, without anything else, this would be a butt plug I’d use on a regular basis anyway.


Now there are a couple of things that make this plug a little better. Firstly, the vibrations are a lot of fun. They’re not amazingly rumbly, but there’s a reason for that that will become obvious later if it isn’t already). There are three settings and another three patterns. The patterns aren’t bad, but I like the consistent vibrations best (as I do with most vibes). It’s also rechargeable. It has a neat magnetic USB charger and it’s very easy to use. The charger just attaches to the bottom of the plug when it’s near enough and you can write code on your laptop (like I do) or watch porn or whatever whilst it charges away.

The final thing that makes this plug amazing is the remote control. Now, the remote itself may not be as sophisticated as some of the other toys I have, the Lelo Hugo and the Je Joue Nuo spring to mind, but it’s simple to use and it always works like a charm. I’ve used it whilst outside and I don’t need to look at it or load up an app on my iPod or do anything fiddly at all. I just need to reach into my pocket and press the solitary button to control it. If I press the button then it changes the vibrations and if I hold the button then it stops. It really is as easy as that. Which is one of the reasons I love this plug. It’s designed for real life, outdoor experiences. Sure, other plugs have amazing interfaces and apps and controllers, but in reality, they’re probably not going to be properly utilised outside the bedroom. With this one, I can give the remote to my partner and she can control it just by reaching into her handbag. It’s perfect.



There are two more reasons that this particular plug is awesome for remote play. Number one, it stays where it is. The Nuo and the Hugo are both great fun, but they’re not really ‘slide them in and leave them’ plugs. You can’t really wear them and have fun whilst out in public. With the Ace, you absolutely can! The second is that it’s quiet. That’s the reason why the vibrations aren’t as rumbly as a RockBox or as fierce as a Loki. Nexus knew this toy was going to be used outside and have designed it accordingly.

So that’s why this plug is my favourite outdoor toy. By far. I’ve been running with it in and it didn’t slip out and I’ve used it whilst walking around in public and nobody, not even me, could hear the vibrations. I just slip it in and leave the small remote in my pocket. I can then just tap the button through my jeans or running shorts or whatever and control it without anyone know what I’m doing. This toy really loves public use. It’s screaming to be used outside and for you to give the remote to a lover for them to control, who can use it allegedly up to 8 metres away (I can’t vouch for that, but I’ve used it 6 metres away and it was fine).

If you want a large butt plug then I’d recommend the Ace. If you want a vibrating plug then I’d recommend it even more and if you want a remote control vibrating plug that can be used discreetly then, right now, you shouldn’t bother looking anywhere else. Especially as it’s only £69.99 with free delivery from Lovehoney.

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