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I’d been wanting another stainless steel butt plug since I was sent the Njoy Pure Plug to review a couple of years or so, ago. So when Sex And Metal contacted me asking me to suggest something I’d like to review, this was the toy I wanted.

Sex And Metal Jewel Butt Plug Sideways

These plugs come in two sizes. I opted for the larger.  Now, I wasn’t expecting to be able to write that much about it.  After all, it’s a pretty standard butt plug design, just made from stainless steel and with a pretty jewel in the end. However, it was a lot more fun to use than I expected due to one aspect of it: the weight.

At 4 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, this toy weighs a fraction under a pound, which is on its way to half a kilo.  As soon as you pick it up you feel it. I was expecting something heavy, I’m no stranger to metal toys, but this was something else.  Not only does it feel heavy to hold, wearing it is exciting, too.  I remember the first time I wore it outside. I was going shopping and had to keep checking it was ok as I was worried it would fall out, such was the downwards pressure. It was exciting, to say the least!


The Sex and Metal Jewel Butt Plug is also fun to wear during play. It’s very easy to insert as it’s unbelievably smooth and finishes with a very pointed tip.  Not much lube is needed.  Once in it feels great.  The bulb to shaft ratio is good. The shaft is narrow enough for it not to feel like it’s about to fall out (unless you’re out shopping…) but not too small that it would feel awkward pulling it out yourself.  The length of the shaft isn’t too small, either.  The bulb fits nicely inside when inserted.

It also looks amazing. I spent ages trying to find an imperfection somewhere on it but could find none. It’s exquisite. It’s so smooth and so shiny it looks fantastic. It’s the sort of toy I want to leave laying around for people to see.  You know, like a coffee table ornament. It would look particularly good next to my shiny steel coffee machine, I think.  But anyway, you can see from the photos how well it’s crafted, how shiny the finish is and how great the jewel looks.  They’re actually available in two different colours, clear and red, as you can see from the button at the very end of this post.

Sex And Metal Jewel Butt Plug

So there we go.  It’s difficult for me to write lots of text around a standard shape butt plug. But the summary is “it’s great”!  The build quality is excellent.  It’s great fun to wear.  It looks amazing.  It’s easy to use.  There really is nothing wrong with it, at all.  Ok, it could be argued that it’s hard to ruin simple designs such as these, but it is very easy to make a rubbish sex toy. Too easy.  Sex And Metal haven’t.  They’ve taken a simple design and made it as good as it’ll probably ever be.

As if there wasn’t enough good things to write about this toy, it’s also in the sale.  It costs a mere $30, reduced from $79.00, which is over 60% off.  Click here for the Sex and Metal Jewel Butt Plug and you can order one now!

jewel butt plugs by sex and metal


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