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Review: Je Joue Nuo remote controlled vibrating butt plug for Lovehoney


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App controlled sex toys have been around for a short while now, but this is my first. I nearly bought this toy a while back, when I won Lovehoney’s Model of the Month for a second time, but I opted for the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 instead. It was a tough decision but it turned out to be the right one as not long ago Cazz form Lovehoney emailed me and asked me if I wanted to give the Nuo a test drive. It was the usual arrangement, they’d send the toy in exchange for a review. So here it is!

The Nuo is a new vibrating butt plug from Je Joue, but what makes it different is how you control the vibrations. As you may have guessed, this toy can be controlled by an app. Now the app isn’t the only way to control it, but it’s the quickest way to change settings and you can even record a set program and repeat it over and over again. It’s arguable how useful this actually is, but the functionality is there.

The plug also comes with a pen like device that also controls the toy remotely. It has a button at the end that you can twist and press to vary the vibrations and change patterns. Discreet *and* discrete…


Let’s go back to the beginning, though. How good is the plug itself? It’s no good having the best control system there is if the toy itself is sub-standard. So what’s it like? Well, it’s a smallish butt plug fashioned from silicone, a little over 4 inches in length with a 1.3″ diameter. It’s  slightly curved and designed to be inserted both ways. So it can be inserted with the curve pointing towards your back, for a more natural insertion. Or, if you have a prostate, I’d recommend slipping it in the other way, so the head hits it square on. That’s my preferred position.

The toy itself is crafted from a smooth feeling silicone and has a little give in it when you squeeze it firmly. That is until you come to the base, which is also firm in itself, but the shaft itself is very bendy indeed, as you can see from the images below.


This isn’t a big issue, but it does mean that it’s a little more awkward to insert than other plugs. You can’t just grab hold of the base and slip it inside, it’ll bend and won’t go where you want it to. You have to hold it by the middle until it’s semi-inside you. Then you can take the base and slip the rest of it in. It’s not that much of a big deal, but it does mean it’s not quite the two second job it is with other plugs.

The vibrations are also pretty good. They’re certainly rumblier than most other small vibes I’ve used and they vibrate in two places, one internally and one externally to stimulate your perineum. Unfortunately, when you (supposedly) turn the toy up, the vibrations don’t become any more powerful, they just become faster, which actually results in buzzier vibrations, which aren’t as pleasant. They’re faster, true, but power is sacrificed for speed, which isn’t worth it. I always stick to the lower, rumblier end of the scale.

As you can see from the images below, The Nuo also has a cool magnetic charging system, similar to Fun Factory’s and We-Vibe’s. It’s much easier to use than some of the fiddly charging jacks I’ve come across. It’s mains rechargeable, which is fine, but personally I prefer to have the option. A USB chargeable cord that can attach to a plug is best, in my opinion.


So far, so good. But what’s it like as a remote toy? Now we’ve established it’s a decent vibrating plug, is it worth spending the extra for it’s remote control capabilities? Well the app is good, for sure. It’s easy to pair with your iOS8 device, you simply ensure bluetooth is turned on (as well as the Nuo itself) and the app does the rest. You can then start a session and switch between different patterns and speeds as you see fit. With the app, you can switch directly between patterns, which is great, and the best thing about the app. With most toys, you need to cycle through patterns until you find the one you want. Mostly, the ones with the most patterns become the most annoying, as there is usually a bigger gap between the patterns you like. With this though, you can switch between your favourite patterns, regardless of where they are in the cycle. Because of this, the app is definitely the way I’ve enjoyed using it most, when on my own.

Now there are other functions available within the app. There’s a way to save sessions for later and the ability to email them. So feasibly you can plan a session for later, or you could create a session and email it to a partner for them to enjoy. Je Joue have been talking this up a little as a way of long distance play, but it’s not great, really. Remote play isn’t any good if you can’t react to your partner’s reactions. If your partner was able to control it via the internet, then that would be awesome. But, as it stands, that’s not yet possible. Now, your partner can of course control it, but they have to be within bluetooth distance, which is only a few feet.

The pen style remote, on the other hand, is great fun. It’s still not possible to control the Nuo long distance with it, but it’s great fun for a partner to use.


The first reason for this is that it’s small and discreet. You can keep it in your pocket and control it without anybody knowing. Sure, the app is discreetish, but if someone was looking over your shoulder, they’d be able to see what you’re doing. You also need to look at the app to use it. With the remote, you can just slip your hand in your pocket and control it whilst having a conversation with someone else. All you need to do is click the button at the end or turn the cap, or both.


The second reason is that the user of the remote is provided with feedback as to what type of pattern the receiver is feeling. This is because there’s a tiny vibe in the remote itself. And it’s awesome. You can flick through the different settings and feel in your hand what your partner is feeling inside them. You can feel when you turn it up or down and when you change patterns. So much fun!

Now there are a couple of areas that could be improved. The finish on the toy and on the remote isn’t amazing. It’s ok, but not in the same league as Tantus or Fun Factory or Lelo. Now please bear in mind that the photos below were taken with a macro lens and are much larger than actual size, but you can still see the imperfections with the naked eye.  Switching between the app and the remote can also be a pain. It often requires switching the toy on and off a couple of times. It’s supposed to just work if you pair with the app or if you hold down the button for a couple of seconds, and sometimes it does. But often, you have to shut down and reboot a few more times before it works. Which means my advice is to not insert the toy until it’s paired. Of course, you can turn it on and off whilst it’s inside you, but there’s no feedback to the user that it’s either on or off, as it doesn’t start until it’s paired with either device. The only way to tell is to look at the light on the underside. It’s far easier to pair it, then slide it in.

JeJoue-7 JeJoue-6

The only other thing that puts me off recommending the Nuo to everyone is the price. It’s a wallet busting £119.99, a lot for a single toy. I can’t help but still recommend it, though. It’s so much fun to go out wearing it and to hand the remote to a partner. For them to be sipping a martini across the room whilst you’re having a conversation with a friend, only to feel an intense rumbly vibration inside you. Of course, there’ll probably be better iterations of the Nuo. The Nuo 2 will probably be amazing, with long distance functions and be a few pounds cheaper, but right now there is no Nuo 2. So, if you can afford it, buy the Nuo 1.


If you want to buy one, you can pick one up from Lovehoney for £119.99 by clicking here or on the button below. Thanks for sending it to me, Cazz!



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