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Review: Fun Factory Bootie


Posted March 16, 2011 by

I’ve been looking forward to writing this review.

Every now and again a toy comes along that feels like it was designed for you personally. This is one of those. This was my first butt plug and it’s still my favourite.

To start with, the material is fantastic. It’s made of 100% silicone and is completely phthalate free, which is important because you really don’t want to risk using anything that might irritate your skin. On top of that, the silicone used by Fun Factory is very pliable. It’s not solid like the LELO Bob, for example. You can squeeze it in your hand and it gives a little. For me, this is how silicone should be. If I wanted a hard toy, I’d use something made from glass or wood.

The next, and possibly the best feature of this toy, is the base. I mentioned, in an earlier review, that some toys suffer from ‘plug twist’. This is not an issue for the Bootie. The base is long, it’s curved and, because of the pliable silicone, moulds perfectly to your body and prevents any twisting or turning. It also feels great delicately touching your skin. It’s not designed to apply pressure from the base, like some toys, but you know it’s there, which is nice. I honestly have no idea why every single butt plug isn’t designed with a base like this.

The last thing I’ll rave about is the shape. It’s nicely curved so provides you with different sensations depending on which way it’s pointed. If you have a prostate then inserting it so it points at your stomach is very pleasurable. Lots of prostate toys are long in length, but the prostate is actually only a couple of inches or so inside, so I can’t imagine many people needing anything with a much greater length. I’ve found this toy to be just about perfect.

The most comfortable position is with the Bootie pointing towards your back, however. Inserted this way, it’s easy to keep in for hours at a time (providing you keep it well lubed). I’ve worn it all day before and it’s as comfortable after 8 hours as it is when you slip it in. If you do intend to use a toy for long term use though, I’d recommend relubing every half an hour or so, just to be on the safe side. Water based lubricants are best for silicone toys, so pick your favourite.

This is something of a long term review. I’ve had my Fun Factory Bootie for over a couple of years now and it’s still the toy I use the most. Because of its small size, it’s extremely convenient to carry around. I always carry at least one toy with me in my briefcase at work and it’s this toy that’s in there 90% of the time.  I bought this toy from Lovehoney and it’s still available.

One day, when I have a great many entries in this blog, I’ll create a section for my favourite toys. This one will be first in the list.

Lovehoney Generic



    Fun Factory’s silicone is absolutely amazing and one of my favourite manufacturers out there. When I decide to step into the world of anal, I’ll be giving this one a try. Would you call this a good beginner toy?


    I definitely would.

    It feels amazing. You’re right, Fun Factory silicone is wonderful. It’s a very manageable size, too. I’ll take a photo later with another object so you can see the exact dimensions.

    The shape also makes it very easy to slip inside and you’ll want to leave it there as it’ll fit perfectly. Even after a few years, it’s still my most comfortable plug.


    I love, love, LOVE my Bootie. Venus is so right, their silicone is divine. I wish someone had pointed it out to me when I first started using anal toys, because the cheaper buttplugs I started with really sucked.

    It’s great to see people still loving this one after years of use. It may be small, but many of us never “grow out” of it. 🙂


    I love the silicone, too 🙂 I really must try more Fun Factory toys.

    I was lucky with this one. It was my second toy. The first was terrible. I have a review of it coming soon so hopefully others won’t make the same mistake. I’m just glad it didn’t put me off!


    I just got this one in the mail from Babeland. *excited*


    So I tried the Bootie. While it was very comfortable, it’s not for me. It just wouldn’t stay in. Maybe it’s not the right size/shape to do so. :-/


      So sorry to hear that.

      It’s a real shame it doesn’t stay in, it’s probably my favourite plug. We’re all different, though. You just need to find the right one for you 🙂

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