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Review: Fun Factory Bloomy for The Boudoir



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I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while. I’ve been a fan of Fun Factory since I bought my Bootie, a few years ago. To this day I can’t think of a single thing wrong with that toy and have been keen to try more of their products. To that end, I […]

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I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while.

I’ve been a fan of Fun Factory since I bought my Bootie, a few years ago. To this day I can’t think of a single thing wrong with that toy and have been keen to try more of their products. To that end, I couldn’t believe my luck when Angelina from The Boudoir emailed me to ask if I’d like to review for them and found out that the Bloomy was without a review on their website. Naturally, it went to the top of my list and was pleasantly notified that it would arrive shortly for me to try out, which it did.

Having been such a big fan of the Bootie, I was very eager to try another Fun Factory product but, in particular, another of their anal toys. Now the Bloomy and Bootie shouldn’t be compared against each other as they are plainly to be used differently, but they do share some of the same attributes. They’re both crafted from the same soft, pliable silicone and they’re both for, well, shoving in your butt… That’s about where the similarities end, though. Whilst the Bootie is for inserting and leaving in, the Bloomy has a handle and is best used when manipulated by either your or a partner’s hand. Similar to the Lelo Bob, this is a toy designed to be played with. It should be used actively, like a dildo, not passively, like a cock ring.

So, where shall I start? After giving Rocks Off a roasting for their poorly designed Rude Boy, I’ll begin with the shape. I was very curious about the Bloomy. I love the swirly style of the toy but I wondered how it would feel inside as, ultimately, that’s what’s important about a toy’s shape. I was also curious about the angle, whether the toy would be able to stimulate my prostate and whether the perineum massager would rest snugly against my skin, which is what so many try (and sadly, often fail) to do.

Fortunately, the Bloomy wins on both accounts. It feels fantastic when inside and, for me at least, the angle is spot on. I must add at this point that the Bloomy isn’t really one of those dual purpose toys, designed for simultaneous prostate & perineum stimulation. It’s crafted from super soft silicone and is designed so it’ll fit snugly against your body when you slip it inside, without causing discomfort or moving about. You’ll be able to feel the base against your perineum, sure, but first and foremost, this is an anal toy. It’s also not a toy for a complete beginner. If you’ve never slipped anything into your butt before, this will probably be a little too big.

As I implied earlier, the Bloomy is best when manipulated. It’s not a ‘thruster’, but subtle, gentle movement feels amazing. The ring style handle is perfect for changing pressure and slight position changes during play. I’ve found that the most enjoyable way to use it is to have pressure increased and decreased by delicately moving the ring around, although it’s perfectly possible to leave it in like a plug, of you so wish. Just be aware that if you leave it in and spread your legs wide apart, it’s liable to change position on its own and twist slightly. You can insert it both ways, too. The silicone is very soft and bendy so can easily be slipped in backwards for different sensations. When used this way, the outer piece still sits snugly against your skin. I’ve used it like this probably 30% of the time. It’s an option with the toy that you will actually use.

It’s also a toy to be used in accompaniment to other stimulation, whether alone or with a partner. It’s great to play with (or have it played with) during a hand or blow job, in conjunction with another toy or even just as part of a jack off session. What I’m alluding to is that this isn’t a toy you’d use on its own with no other stimulation. It’s not like a prostate massager or dildo where the anal stimulation alone can be enough without having to touch anything else. It’s designed to compliment other types of play.

What Fun Factory have done is create a toy that’s somewhere in the middle between a plug and a dildo and you know what? It works.

If you’ve used a Lelo Bob before and want something a little bigger or more adventurous, this is for you. If you like butt plugs but want something you can manipulate whilst inside, this is for you. If you’re looking for an anal toy to use on your partner but want something you don’t have to constantly thrust in and out, this is for you.

The Fun Factory Bloomy is a wonderful toy and I thoroughly recommend it. It’s beautifully designed, arrives in Fun Factory’s trademark quality packaging and, like other Fun Factory toys, a small sachet of water based lube is included (be sure to only ever use water based lube with it, so as not to damage the silicone).

The bottom line is: I love it.

Thank you so much Angelina for sending it to me. If you want to purchase one yourself, you can buy them from The Boudoir here for the very reasonable price of £19.99 with free shipping to the UK!



    I loved this review! I have always thought the bloomy looks so pretty but it also looked pretty intimidating! Glad to hear that it is as fantastic as the bootie!


      I know what you mean. It’s not really a complete beginner’s toy for that very reason but if you’re looking for something a little bigger then it’s great!

      Glad you enjoyed the review 🙂

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