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Review: Crystal Delights Plug


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I’d just like to start by thanking Shellie from Crystal Delights for sending me this beautiful toy to review.  I was so excited to be able to review my first glass toy!  I have many hard toys (wood, steel etc.) but I’d never used anything made from glass before so when Shellie offered to send me one of these, I jumped at the chance.  And I’m glad I did.

Firstly, I’d like to describe the look of the toy.  It’s an elegant glass butt plug.  Hand blown Pyrex, to be precise and like all Crystal Delights toys it’s fitted with a sensational genuine Swarovski* crystal embedded in the base.  Mine’s blue (to match my eyes!) but they come in a variety of colours.  The glass in mine is completely transparent and reflects light beautifully.  Whilst it will look good indoors, in the sun it looks simply divine.  It would honestly be beautiful enough with out the crystal base but with it, it looks sensational.  It refracts light wonderfully and sparkles at you.  It is, in a word, stunning.  It really glistens when the sun’s rays catch it.  Photographs and video sadly do not do it justice although they do give you an idea of just how much it glistens.

Click here to see the Crystal Delights Plug glistening!

But back to the overall look… It’s a classic bulb shaped plug that tapers into a sturdy (but not too thick) stem with a wide base.  The main bulb is approximately 1.5″ wide and has an insertible length of about 3″.  The base is a little wider than the bulb (approximately 1.7″) and the overall length is  about 3.5″ long.  As with all hand crafted glass toys, however, no two toys are exactly the same.

And whilst I’m here, just one quick word about the packaging.  I know packaging shouldn’t mean that much but I’m a real sucker for luxury boxes and pouches.  This one is perfect.  It arrived in a fancy soft pouch along with a business card that includes how to take care of it and a sample of water based lube.  It’s soft & padded to provide cushioning for your toy and is ideal for protection against impacts when travelling.  This is actually really handy, as I like to take mine with me.

The looks, though, are only half the story.  Now I’d like to descrive how it feels.  As with all glass toys, this one is non-porous.  It’s also exceptionally smooth.  Both of these together along with the small, pointed tip make insertion very easy and mean you don’t need to use much lube at all (I tend to use water based lubricants with all my toys, but you can use silicone or oil based if you like as it won’t damage the toy).  Once the bulb is inside you, your body will naturally pull the rest of the toy inside, where it will stay nicely.  There’s no ‘plug twist’ as it’s completely symmetrical and the base is plenty big enough to stop it being sucked in.  It also feels heavier than I imagined, particularly when it’s inside.  Not as heavy as a steel toy, but heavy enough to make its presence always known to you, particularly if you’re moving around.  This was an unexpected bonus as I really think the weight of toys can make all the difference when moving around and doing every day things.  Running up and down stairs, for example, feels fantastic.  One thing to bear in mind, however, is that as the crystal base is hard, you need to be careful sitting down sharply onto hard objects.  Sit down too fast on a wooden chair and you may have an unexpected sharp noise you’ll have to explain…

I’ve been reviewing this plug for a couple of weeks or so now and I’m completely pleased with it.  I’ve worn it for long periods, whilst I’ve been active, whilst I’ve been resting and each time I’ve not been disappointed.  It stays perfectly in place no matter what you do.  Because it doesn’t move, it’s great for use during play with your partner.  Personally, though, I’m most likely to use this as a ‘slip it in and leave it in’ plug.  To sum it up, this is definitely a toy I’d recommend wholeheartedly.  Build quality is second to none, it looks exquisite and it feels fantastic!

Thanks again to Shellie for sending this to me!  If you’d like to know more about Crystal Delights Handcrafted all natural sex toys please visit their website or give Shellie an @ reply on Twitter.  All their toys are made from natural materials that are 100% body friendly and body safe.  They also come in a variety of different sizes and colours.  If you don’t already have a glass toy in your arsenal, you could do a lot worse than trying one of these out!

*Swarovski crystals were pioneered by the bohemian Daniel Swarovski in the late 1800s  and have been synonymous with high quality, luxury, precision jewelcrafting ever since.



    I love the Crystal Delights toys as well. They’re amazing! Great review, and I always love your pictures.


      Thank you!

      They really are fabulous toys. Glad you like the photos. I always think natural light makes a huge difference 🙂


    Oh, my God. That is so pretty! The sparkles are insane! This’ll go on my list for when I’m hopefully well-off to treat myself to something like this without horrendous (and unfortunately un-sexy) guilt.

    (By the by, should let you know I’ve added you to my blogroll. Always great to have another man on it)

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