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Ahh, my first anal toy. I had high hopes. I’d looked on the Internet and read reviews of how good this toy was. I wanted something good for my first toy so I wasn’t going to scrimp and just buy something cheap that wouldn’t last or wouldn’t feel good. Oh no. I was aiming for […]

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Ahh, my first anal toy.

I had high hopes. I’d looked on the Internet and read reviews of how good this toy was. I wanted something good for my first toy so I wasn’t going to scrimp and just buy something cheap that wouldn’t last or wouldn’t feel good. Oh no. I was aiming for impressive.

Reviews of this toy were great. There was talk of “hands free orgasms”. It couldn’t fail, apparently. I’d also seen all the diagrams. How this particular toy is the perfect shape for hitting the prostate. It’s a “life changer”, I read.

So. I took out my card and ordered one online. I couldn’t wait to feel the orgasmic bliss I was led to believe could be achieved simply by slipping this small, white plastic toy inside. Sure, I’d experimented with my fingers before but, hey, this would be so much better, right?

Well. How can I put this?

It wasn’t QUITE as good as I had hoped…

To say that this toy was a disappointment would be an understatement. Truth be told, there isn’t much I liked about this toy at all. Where to start…

First of all, the design, for me, is all wrong. The base/handle is terrible. It prevents the user from sitting down when it’s inside and doesn’t actually help you manipulate it, either. It’s too thin and spindly to feel in any way comfortable against your perineum or in your hand as you move it. It’s also too insubstantial to prevent the dreaded ‘plug twist’. I found that as soon as I inserted the toy and removed my hand, it would slip sideways. I tried several positions. None of them worked. The base just doesn’t stop the toy doing what it wants, which, annoyingly, isn’t what I want.

The main shape of the toy is also badly designed. It’s just too long and not curved enough to provide any kind of worthwhile prostate stimulation. The material for me is, again, less than ideal. It’s made from a hard white plastic that is rigid to the touch. It’s well made, completely smooth and there are no seams, but it feels too medical to me. Not medical in a good way either. There are some beautifully made medical toys out there, crafted in surgical steel, that shine and glint in the light and look aesthetically fantastic. This is not one of these. The Aneros feels medical in a cheap, flimsy, clinical way. It’s too light to provide any kind of worthwhile sensation. It feels like it should be sterilised and used with rubber gloves to perform an uncomfortable but necessary procedure, not like a toy designed for comfort, pleasure and having fun!

Anyway, as I said earlier, this toy is marketed as a device to provide “hands free” orgasms and the only way I see this as being possible is by referring to some kind of prostate milking. Now, prostate milking is when the prostate is massaged from the inside to stimulate an ejaculation. It’s not the same as an orgasm as there are no involuntary muscle contractions. However, it is a wonderful sensation. Manipulation of the prostate is not only pleasurable in itself, but it applies pressure to the seminal vesicles, which leads to semen being drained in the form of a long, slow ejaculation. Now, the easiest way to do this is with your (or your partner’s) fingers. If you have a ‘come here’ motion, pressing towards your stomach, about a couple of inches or so inside, over and over again, after a minute or two, you’ll start to slowly ejaculate. You may find that flexing your PC muscle (the muscle you use to flex or move your penis upwards) or gripping your penis firmly and moving from base all the way down the shaft to the tip may speed up the ejaculation process, but this isn’t entirely necessary, however. It will happen naturally.

But enough of that… back to the toy.

I’ve tried using the Aneros with my hands and I’ve tried using it totally hands free. Neither work well. I had zero result as a hands free device and very little when moving it with my hands. I might add that, since this toy, I have successfully milked my prostate both with my fingers and with a toy using both the regular and the ‘hands free method’. It’s very very easy with my fingers. Less so with a toy, but possible if it’s the right size and shape. If you’re interested, the toy was the Fun Factory Bootie, which isn’t actually marketed for it at all, but is, for me, the perfect shape.

Now I really, *really* tried with this. I initially thought that it may have been me. Perhaps it was fine, but I wasn’t the ideal shape. Certainly, I’m very tall with a very long body. Perhaps my dimensions weren’t any good. In hindsight, however, after successfully using many other toys, I now know that my initial thoughts of doubt were justified.

There’s not much more I can say, really. I could have lived with the horrible plastic material, the flimsy handle and the lack of hands free stimulation, if only it was good for something… Sadly, it isn’t. I couldn’t find one thing that this toy did well. No matter how i used it, it was uncomfortable and no fun at all. It didn’t even make a good boomerang, which was probably for the best as I didn’t really want it back anyway…



    My husband has this one, and he tried the Nexus Neo last year and found it to be a very good upgrade. Quite similar, but the horrible tabby bit that pokes your perineum is a comfy rollerball type deal on the Neo. Still hard plastic, though.

    From what I read on the Aneros forums when he first got it is that it’s not meant to be moved with your hand, you’re supposed to basically well…clench, kinda. He naturally does when say I’m giving him a blowjob or we’re having sex. It’s not meant to be worn passively as a plug nor is it meant to be moved like a dildo.

    Not sure if you already knew this stuff or not, just sharing our experiences.


    I’m in love with the medical image. I am not much for “medical” toys.

    Good review!


    Thanks for your reply, Lilly.

    Sadly I tried that but it just never worked for me. It just seems to be the wrong shape, not curved enough and with a horrible base that didn’t keep it in place when I flexed my PC muscles. When clenching using other toys, though, like the Bootie or Romp, I’ve been successful.

    Nexus toys do look good, though, although I’ve yet to try one myself. I’m glad you and your husband have found them to be a good upgrade.


    Loved the review 🙂

    I do wonder something about the whole ‘prostate milking’ thing. How intense is the orgasm you get from that, if there is one?

    Lots of love



    Hi Dalide,

    Prostate milking on its own won’t produce an orgasm, at least for most. It leads to ejaculation, but it’s a slower non-orgasmic experience. It’s pleasurable, but in a different way. There are no involuntary muscular contractions, for example.

    That’s not to say you can’t combine the two, however, to provide even more intense sensations. Prostate play coupled with regular stimulation can lead to a very intense orgasm.

    It just depends on what you like or what you want to experience at any given time. I always think it’s best to experiment and find out what you and your partner enjoy most.



      Thanks for the low down. It’s quite interesting to hear this from a guy’s point of view. Most of the stuff I read was from the woman’s point of view (think Tracey Cox and that). If I ever find a partner, I’ll definitely try that out…



    This was actually one of the toys I had been thinking about for hubby, but I was wondering about those skinny little bits for the handle. Just to be curious, since the handle is pretty flimsy, do you think there would be a pretty good possibility of it breaking off? The thinner, more curled one definitely looks like it could easily snap right off. Of course, I’m not particularly interested in this toy for him anymore, I’m just curious about how easily it could destroyed.

    It’s interesting that you throw your proportions into the ring as a possible reason that the Aneros didn’t work for you. Since hubby is tall, too, sometimes I wonder if that is the reason certain things just don’t seem to work out for him. And, actually, the fact that you’re both tall makes your reviews that much more helpful to me.

    I really appreciate that you threw in the info on prostate milking. I’ve been getting into genital massage lately, so that should make a nice addition to the massage sessions.


    The handle is very spindly, particularly one half of it, but I don’t think it would actually break off unless you specifically tried to snap it. It would be quite easy to break in two with your hands, but I doubt this would happen by accident as it would just bend.

    It’s difficult to know what effects being tall has on your internal proportions. If I had to guess, I’d say it wouldn’t make that much difference, but it has to make some, which could be why some toys are great for some and not for others. I suspect with this toy, howev, that it’s just generally badly designed. Especially when there are so many other good prostate toys out there, there really is no excuse now. The Romp that I reviewed on Epiphora’s website is a superior toy in every single way, for example.

    Best of luck with the massage, too! That’s probably a great time to introduce it as he’ll be relaxed already, which is very important. I’d certainly recommend starting without a toy, too, as it’ll be easier for you to feel and gauge how he’s reacting to it and for you to react to it. It’ll be easier for you to tell if he wants more or less stimulation, which will make it more fun for both of you 🙂


    Hey, I’ve got one of these, I haven’t had any amazing hands free orgasms yet, but there are enough people talking about these online for me to believe it’s possible.

    It does sound like there is a very steep learning curve though, people say it takes a lot of time and relaxation to get the right results… The Aneros website is really good, if you fancy it have a look at and also the Aneros Wiki.


      Hey, thanks for the alternative view. Its always good to hear from others who have the same toys.

      I did actually read all those before (and after) I bought it. I’m still very sceptical about it, though. I understand why the manufacturer and indeed other users are keen to talk up the product they’ve designed or bought. It’s just another example of cognitive dissonance and not completely dissimilar to the story of the Emperor’s new clothes. People naturally won’t want to admit that their product isn’t quite right so they’ll blame everything else, that the user isn’t relaxed enough, or they’re not using it correctly.

      In my experience, though, in this case, it’s the toy that isn’t quite right. It’s too long, it isn’t curved anywhere near enough to provide any kind of worthwhile prostate stimulation and it doesn’t stay in place. Even holding it in place didn’t work as the first two issues are, unfortunately, insolvable.

      The kind of experience they talk about in the forums is definitely achievable. I’ve had amazing sensations with other toys. It’s also not that hard to perform hands free prostate milking. It’s just a question of controlling your PC muscles. All that’s needed is a toy that actually applies pressure to your prostate. Toys like the NobEssence Romp are perfect, although you don’t really need anything that big as the prostate is only a couple of inches inside.

      Not that I’m trying to dissuade you from using a toy if you like it! It’s just that I’ve found many other, better designed toys since using mine. If you’re not achieving what you want from it though, it’s probably not you, it’s the toy.


        Just realised mine is actually a Helix. Yeah, there seems to a be a lot of variety in which prostate toys work for what people. It’s a shame that it takes buying a few to work out what works for you!


    You really know your stuff! I’ve never seen such a clear explanation of prostate “milking” before.

    This toy looks very uncomfortable to me, and any toys for anal use that can’t be boiled make me go “blech”.



    Just like you say in your review, I found the aneros range to be really ineffective, or just not fit my anotomy anyway. Would you be able to recommend a product that is a little shorter and a lot more acutely angled??


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