Posted August 26, 2015 by Andy in Photographic

Artisanal Pleasure – Three new anal toys from Lelo

They’re finally here!


Vaginas everywhere have been going crazy over the Lelo Mona and now everyone can get in on the action.

Personally, I’ve been waiting for these for ages. Sick of reading all the “Dump your boyfriend, buy a Mona” tweets, I’ve wanted to try out an anal safe version for a long time. Now there are three.

The first is Bruno, a powerful butt plug designed with prostate stimulation in mind. It’s fully waterproof and has six settings.


The next is Hugo, which is basically a remote controlled Bruno:


Lelo claim that this toy is so powerful, hands free orgasms can be achieved. We shall see. If I’m close enough to orgasm, I can flex my PC muscle over and over and bring myself over the edge. It takes about a minute, but it’s possible and feels AMAZING. If the Bruno can bring me close enough to the edge without touching then I’ll be a *very* happy reviewer.


Lastly, and probably the one I’ve been anticipated most, is the Loki:



Named, presumably, after Thor’s annoying brother, the Loki is the closest to Mona of the three. I loved my Lelo Billy and this is basically Billy on steroids.

All three toys are completely waterproof and are crafted in some amazingly soft silicone. They feel luxurious to touch, and have a real exclusive feel, even by Lelo’s standards. I’ve been lucky enough to have been sent all three, so expect reviews in the next couple of weeks. Thanks Lelo!