Posted June 10, 2014 by Andy in Photographic

A Pile Of Plugs

I took this photo recently for Bedroom Bondage, specifically for this article on butt plugs.


It was actually harder to shoot than I expected.  For a start, I had to choose just a few of the many plugs that I own. Even when I had decided which to use, trying to put them in a position that looked good was very difficult.  I tried many different formations before this one.  I scattered them around, piled them up, leaned them against each other. Nothing seemed to look right until I placed them like this.

Even then, once I had my desired formation, trying to make them look good was pretty difficult.  I experimented with different depths of field.  Too shallow and lots of toys were out of focus so you couldn’t see what they were.  I tried upping the f/stop but it then looked too flat.  I had to just take a range and then pick the best one, which is the one I have here.

Before I took the final shot, I snapped a quick version with my mobile phone to quickly send to Noëlle from Bedroom Bondage. If you click through, you can see it 🙂

Edit: After advice from Penny, I’ve tried to lighten up the shot. What do you think?


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